With an unprecedented number of new vehicle models to be launched within the next few years, the race is on. Aspects like style, performance and driving experience will influence who is going to be a winner. What does this mean for design and engineering teams? With hundreds of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a single vehicle system, and thousands for the full vehicle, business targets can only be met whilst keeping to these new reduced development times by leveraging intelligent management of this complexity.

Simultaneous modeling and simulation, integrated with management of KPIs, helps manage this complexity and speeds up processes while at the same time increasing efficiency in the development process and delivering a higher quality product.

The continuous pursuit of cleaner cars and much shorter development timescales demands a much closer integration between CAD and CAE and a greater confidence in the CAE predictions. At Jaguar Land Rover, we have invested heavily in the deployment of 3DEXPERIENCE® as the backbone for engineering as we believe that this platform will give us the close integration and confidence in simulation that we need.

Jose Garcia-Urruchi
Head of Digital Design Engineering, Jaguar Land Rover

From Modeling and Simulation to MODSIM

MODSIM on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is a unique concept, which is powered by the unification of Modeling and Simulation data models so that they become completely interoperable. The integration of MODSIM with the 3DEXPERIENCE opens up additional opportunities for efficiency gains, by linking MODSIM to PLM, Requirements Management, and collaboration tools to provide seamless end-to-end design and engineering processes with full traceability.

MODSIM will help to launch innovative vehicles faster!

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