Enabling Smarter, Safer Vehicles

The automotive, transportation and mobility industry is being turned on its head. As we move towards the ultimate goal of electric, connected, autonomous mobility, vehicles are becoming more reliable and, like software, easier to upgrade.


Whether big or small, agility, flexibility and proactivity will be critical success factors for the companies that thrive over the next decade and beyond. The development of the next generation of vehicles will require advanced creative design, shared intelligence, a broad systems engineering approach and multi-domain, integrated collaboration.


New Customer Experience

Our vehicles are fast becoming integrated mobility experiences, that cater to consumer desires for better infotainment, comfort, safety, performance, energy saving and connectivity.


Cutting-edge solutions are enabling vehicle innovators and suppliers to develop and virtually validate new options that will improve the driving, and autonomous, experience for their customers. These future-forward innovations are a key competitive differentiator to secure current customer loyalty, while also winning new market share.


Virtually Optimize Development

Global vehicle innovators and suppliers, pursuing complex new opportunities, want to ensure that they can satisfy customer requirements and still deliver profitable results, on target, and aligned with their resources and capabilities.


As new business is won, and successfully completed, critical success factors need to be captured for re-use in a systematic process, to fortify your expertise and knowledge base, and updated with real data when projects are selected and parts produced.

Electric, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

From vehicle system architecture, battery thermal management, high speed electric motor lubrication to multi discipline collaboration

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