How do you feed the growing appetite for mass customization?

Get personal with cutting-edge manufacturing inspired by time-honored craftsmanship


Optimize global operations, adapt to local demands

OEMs and suppliers are challenged with managing ‘leaner’ manufacturing processes, synchronizing operations, and reducing inventories, all while increasing production. They need real-time visibility into their global operations to better implement & control quality processes, and optimize production.

Managing regulatory compliance and minimizing product recall by improving product quality, and balancing profitability, are key factors that drive today’s competitive, profitable manufacturing.


Get flexible, custom manufacturing processes to:


Exceed global and regional expectations

Real-time visibility, both in and across plants, enables the flexibility to adapt, synchronize and continuously improve product and process quality within your manufacturing environments.


3DEXPERIENCE® platform solutions unify and standardize quality management, enable lean manufacturing, and enhance global/local execution. They deliver accurate and timely details with the granularity and context required to empower better, faster decisions and ensure that performance targets are achieved.

Becoming a leaner machine

The ideal is to pursue flexible manufacturing through plant optimization – by making lean processes even leaner, applying virtual 3D planning and simulation, and tightly synchronizing production plans with material requirements.

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