Is Your Data a Diamond in the Rough?

The disruptive technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution have the potential to reveal what Industrial Equipment companies DON’T know about themselves. Discover how a platform approach can reveal your big data in ways that deliver compelling business value.

Big data creates incredible business opportunity

Industrial Equipment companies generate vast amounts of data "in the rough" that can become an invaluable diamond, a powerful tool to make better business decisions, facilitate innovation and align more closely with customers. But without the ability to access this data in context and in real time, it just remains buried in the mine.

So often much of the data is unstructured and stored in disconnected databases making its accessibility and interpretation difficult. Extracting hidden value from the data is about more than just storing it all in one place. It’s about the ability to accurately and intuitively analyze the data to generate actionable insights that support business objectives in a timely manner.

To achieve this speed and accuracy, Industrial Equipment companies are investing in the latest generation of business platform and analytics tools to create a real-time vision that allows them to quickly respond to customers’ demands.

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Seeing and knowing your big data

Storing data in one place provides a single version of truth. It enables everyone to collaborate using the most current version of information throughout the entire product development lifecycle. The extended business ecosystem contributes and consumes information from this data lake to ensure consistency, avoid duplication and reduce the risk of using out-or-date information or repeating the same errors. 

Data continuity expedites the product development process with your customers by using information that’s statistically meaningful, allowing you to make informed business decisions.

This in turn leads to productivity gains, making the right information available at the right time. All functional areas can synchronize their activities so that they can immediately have access to and use information. Customer-perceived product quality is improved when supportability is addressed early in the product’s life.

Discover how digital continuity protects your manufacturing business

Digital continuity provides the information you need to do business. It enables you to design, manufacture and deliver efficiently and accurately. It helps you to protect your reputation, make informed decisions, reduce costs and provide better products.

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Big data analytics, strategy and management

One of the biggest challenges of exponential data is the ability to visualize it in a quick and user-friendly manner in order to make informed decisions. Many Industrial Equipment companies spend over 30% of their time on finding data, having meetings, updating information, following up, and so on.  All of which impact productivity, ingenuity and profitability.

By analyzing PLM data in real time, companies can reveal and solve issues faster. Here are 7 tips for success for companies transitioning to deliverables-based project management powered by analytic insights.

Extract the benefits from your data

Big data analytics allows companies to understand, participate, and develop insights to make better business decisions and improve performance. Analytics uncovers hidden data relationships and brings better visibility of issues to PLM stakeholders and C-Level executives. 

Performance-driven project management with analytics

Leveraging deliverables-based project management and analytics unlocks new insights and expands the business value of your PLM investment. Get practical advice to help you leverage PLM, project portfolio management and analytics to improve business outcomes.

How AI provides strategic parts management

Use Artificial Intelligence to reuse existing equipment parts, reduce duplicates and standardize across the enterprise, and negotiate better with your suppliers.

Globalization has opened new markets but also intensified competition. This has spurred manufacturers to apply continuous product innovation and localization to attract and retain customers empowered by greater choice. Combined with increasing customization, product complexity continues to rise, leaving equipment manufacturers more vulnerable than ever to an accompanying proliferation of parts and components.

Managing this proliferation demands discipline, but also provides opportunities to put in place processes to overcome these challenges once and for all, ultimately enhancing business performance.

Parts intelligence for enhanced business performance

Learn more here about how a collaborative business platform for automating and improving parts classification, enabling more informed and economical sourcing decisions, and increasing parts reuse can reduce costs significantly, boost innovation, and accelerate time-to-market.

Globalization, mergers and acquisitions, and increasing product personalization are just a few of the factors causing the growing number of product parts found in equipment companies. Putting in place a parts standardization strategy is easier than it sounds. And once it’s automated using artificial intelligence, procurement professionals and designers and engineers will have more time and money available to contribute to creating even more innovative products, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Save time and money with what you already have

Discover how you can leverage massive amounts of diverse data to save time and money. Artificial intelligence solutions help eliminate disconnects between engineering and business systems and accelerate product development, order fulfillment and service activities at any location and for any product offering.

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Polishing your big data

Digitalization is reshaping how Industrial Equipment companies use their data to innovate and respond to customer demands. We’ve seen above how the value of big data is sparking the growth of disruptive technologies that help companies not only mine their data, but also cut and polish it to stay ahead of the competition.  From digitalization to analytics to revealing the right equipment parts, a business platform can help you extract the most value from your data.

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