Many industries, from automotive to consumer packaged goods and retail, are personalizing their products. This trend creates a need for flexible production lines that support various product customization requirements. To respond to the market demand, line builders must first change the way they show, quote and sell the lines.

With virtual twin-based 3D quotations, line builders can easily take their business to the next level.

Thanks to live data insights and 3D modeling capabilities on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, the quotations can help line builders improve their sales hit ratio. They can also serve as complete line demonstrations, allowing line builders to optimize downstream line-building stages, including detailed design, acceptance testing, installation and operation.

There are many far-reaching benefits of leveraging 3D quotations on a single collaborative platform. Explore the infographic below to unpack them – through the lens of both sales and engineering teams.

Build Your Diverse, Data-backed Portfolio Today

Using 3D quotations to sell and build flexible lines fosters three possibilities. First, line builders can meet a range of unique customization needs with increased operational agility and a robust digital thread. Secondly, they can successfully move away from guesswork-based 2D proposals and rely instead on improved data accuracy, versatile use of single-source assets, integrated stakeholder collaboration and enhanced building information management tasks. Thirdly, they are primed to revolutionize marketing, business and industry experiences with data continuity assured by the virtual twin experience.

Discover below how line builders can better sell and deliver flexible lines in 3D.

A 3D Vision for Flexible Production Lines

Sell and produce flexible lines seamlessly with virtual twin-based 3D quotations. Discover how now.

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