Cracking the Logistics Code: It’s Mission Possible with Optimized Planning

Logistics customers are reshaping the market through their digital behavior. Companies that are slow to adapt will lose out to agile new players who can more easily respond to ever-changing demands.

Customers are Demanding the Impossible

New entrants are exploiting new technologies like digital platforms and big data analytics to offer better services whereas traditional players are experiencing a reducing bottom line and shrinking market share as they struggle to meet their seemingly impossible demands:

Impossible expectations
Customers want more for less, from faster deliveries at lower prices to more flexible time windows and locations.

Impossible competition
New players are reinventing the rules and space to offer innovative products and higher service levels at lower costs.

Impossible sustainability
Customers expect — and environmental regulators demand — that service providers reduce their environmental impact.

Impossible complexity
The old way of doing things no longer fits today’s enormous volumes and demand for greater speed and flexibility of both deliveries and returns.

How to Make the Impossible Possible

Dassault Systèmes’ advanced planning optimization solution can help logistics companies overcome market challenges and gain a competitive edge.

Our digital platform fosters collaboration; without digitalization, you risk hemorrhaging profit. When you integrate your supply chain from end to end, you can experience full visibility of key performance indicators to all users and stakeholders so that they can work on a single source of truth. Revel in the new experience where changes to plans are updated and propagated to all stakeholders in real time.

Digitalizing your operations enables you to optimize your planning process. You’ll have a faster, more cost-efficient and agile supply chain. This will help you reduce costs, raise service quality, drive revenue growth and improve your company’s sustainability.

Sustaining the Best Performance with Continuous Optimization

Continuous optimization provides continuous feedback as new data comes in, enabling you to increase efficiencies, improve optimization and save on costs.

Whether you have 100 or 10,000 orders to plan, our solution generates optimal plans to support quick decision-making. Our flexible solution is used to optimize logistics planning for global leaders across all modes of transport, be it express, freight forwarding intermodal, marine logistics, postal, ports and terminals, and trucking. The leading companies among our customers include:

  • The world’s top two delivery companies
  • A world-leading industrial gases company
  • Europe’s leading provider of rail freight transport
  • Europe’s largest and most well-connected feeder and shortsea network
  • Switzerland’s leading intermodal operator

The Perfect Fit for Your Business — Now and in the Future

Our solution is designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing IT environment with no complications or loss of data. KPI-based feedback empowers you to drive planning decisions that achieve the results you want.

The software’s architecture makes it easy to deploy, sustain and enhance without custom coding. Pre-built templates based on best practices allow our solution to be customized for different industries. All rules can be easily adjusted based on your business assets, processes and constraints. This ensures our solution continues to provide decision-making support as your business grows.

Making your mission possible

Retain customers and expand market share in the highly competitive logistics market. It’s mission possible with the right tools. Find out more in our ebook.

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