How far we’ve come

Since before history began, humans have created new architectural design processes and approaches in an attempt to turn a vision into reality. Architects of the past spent tremendous time, energy and resources to see an inspired design come to life. For most, the design and construction technologies of the day constrained their ability to produce a vision.

Along the way, technological innovations have been adopted by the building design community to enable greater and greater possibilities. The scientific revolution delivered the process for reproducing drawings as blueprints. The industrial revolution introduced the assembly line for mass-producing prefabricated materials. The digital revolution provided 3D CAD, cloud-based collaboration, and more. These evolutions have accelerated to a single point of convergence in the present day.

Where we are: the era of building experience modeling

The need to design for the future has forced another revolution. We have pushed beyond the constraints of the past to deliver complex solutions with reliability and precision. The built environment is achieving levels of sophistication previously unimaginable thanks to the innovative tools available today.

With 3D Generative Innovator on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, designers wield total flexibility and unmatched creativity. Automation is democratized. Digital continuity enables the emerging architectural vocabulary to be codified into a flexible system of intelligence.

These factors, combined with competitive market dynamics, are moving the industry standard from delivering a static 3D structure to modeling a complete experience. The hallmarks of the Building Experience Modeling movement include:

  • Scalability. A revolutionary automation engine links an intuitive 3D modeling tool with a visual scripting interface to bring automation technology to a wider audience. Smart tools empower designers to generate complex geometries, rapidly explore more patterns and potential design solutions, and capture and reuse logic as needed.  
  • Synchronicity. Digital continuity allows design and construction teams to iterate efficiently, eliminate rework and preserve deep project knowledge. The robust platform connects conceptual designs to fabrication-level detail, retaining all the underlying data.
  • Accessibility. Ease of access to a web-based modeling application simplifies deployment requirements and improves usability from multiple devices. Cloud-based collaboration improves communication, transparency and trust.

In this design moment full of potential and flexibility, 3D Generative Innovator marks the start of the period in which Building Experience Modeling will literally change our world.

Design technology drives continuous innovation at co architects

As a firm, we believe our next project is always our best project because we strive to improve upon the last one.

Jenna Knudsen
Principal, CO Archiects

How far we’ll go

Our advanced tools and collaborative processes are leading to a new paradigm for architectural and urban planning. With the latest technologies at a designer’s disposal, the world of tomorrow will look vastly different from the world of today. We are now equipped to harmonize product, nature and life within the built environment.

The most innovative architectural design teams are already forging ahead. CO Architects, for example, applies advanced computational design methods and digital continuity to create complex and functional works of architecture that respond to programmatic and site constraints.

With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the same model is used by the entire ecosystem. Everyone sees the same data, contributes to a truly integrated project repository, and can evaluate the impact on the project goals immediately and collectively.” - Alex Korter, Associate Principal, CO Architects 

To learn more about how CO Architects uses advanced generative design tools to meet the programmatic and aesthetic expectations of its clients, download the white paper

Realizing Creative Inspirations Through Digital Continuity

CO Architects Leverages Generative Design Tools for Continuous Architectural Design & Engineering Innovations

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