Aerospace Sales & Marketing

The sales and marketing processes the Aerospace and Defense industries have been evolving in the past decade. Nowadays, customers are very much involved in product definition since conception. Factors such as energy consumption, weight, performance and usability of the product in certain geographical regions are discussed upfront between the OEMs and prospective buyers. Product managers are challenged to determine the best strategy to build the product.  The strategy must address customer requirements, ensure product quality, and protect the profit margin by anticipating and addressing key challenges more accurately than the competition.

Dassault Systèmes (3DS)' solution for Aerospace Sales & Marketing helps you create and manage more concept variants by capitalizing and re-using designs from previous projects, knowledge and competitive studies.  A wide range of virtual definition and validation solutions are provided for the OEMs and their customers to collaborate on product definition from the start of the program.


Templates and catalogs put product lifecycle information such as CAD data, Bill of Materials, and simulation results from existing products at the fingertips of all the parties involved so several possible product configurations can be developed and compared more quickly. The online, 3D-based product and option catalogs make it easier for customers to choose the features that they want and discuss the changes that they wish to make.  Intuitive and easy to use 3D cabin configuration tools enables users to quickly layout seats or cabin equipments so they can explore various configurations and experience the virtual cabin from the passengers’ point of view.  The solution also enables engineers to assess the impact of configuration changes on aircraft weight, center of gravity and flight performances.

Dassault Systèmes’ PLM system ensures that product development stakeholders -- designers, engineers, procurement specialist, sales representative and customers -- collaborate from the start so that products can be developed faster with fewer unwanted, late-cycle surprises. Faster, more detailed concept modeling allows program managers to accurately assess project requirements and costs, giving them assurance on product’s manufacturability and profitability before allocating capital resources. In addition, functionalities to generate custom proposal, complete with pricing and estimated delivery scheduling allows program managers to focus on ensuring customer satisfaction while controlling costs, quality level and lead time. 


Aerospace Sales & Marketing Solution includes:

  • Product portfolio management
  • Opportunity management
  • Proposal management
  • Product catalog
  • Product option selection
  • Cabin and system configurator

3DVIA Composer makes it possible to share our envisioned solutions with all of the participants very early on in a project. This tool offers real decision-making efficiency.

Didier Zely Project Leader, MECANO ID