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Digital Transformation

Drive new business processes, innovations and customer experiences with the cloud

What seems to be normal today was not even a distant dream just 3 years ago. Things have changed dramatically and it has not only affected our behaviors as customers, it’s also had a significant impact on the way business is run.

Businesses have had to rapidly adapt to a fast changing environment. We can’t predict the future but what we can do is future proof our businesses to survive – and thrive – through unforeseen challenges.

Business continuity in uncertain times

The cloud ensures business resilience and allows us to continue working from any location at any time. Having all our data reside on the cloud ensures a single source of truth while saving us any upfront capital investment.


Eric Samson
Eric Samson
Head of Engineering, Vertical Aerospace

Going beyond disaster and business recovery planning with a comprehensive cloud platform for business continuity can make all the difference in tough downturns and uncertain times.

Whether working remotely or in the office, you and your team can continue to design, simulate, collaborate and design your product in a single environment. With a simple internet connection, you can extend your business into a virtual environment. Share information easily, manage projects from anywhere and foster product communities to reveal and review your product design.

Smart working with the cloud

The shared digital ecosystem facilitates effective hybrid or telework arrangements and remote collaboration by helping teams pool ideas, share expertise and align project goals, responsibilities and priorities.

Teams can free their design and project data from siloed inboxes and files to shared communities, planners and apps updated in real time on the cloud. This new single source of trust provides teams with an easily accessible, consistent and secure framework to work more flexibly and efficiently.

...nothing has changed in terms of work efficiency. On the contrary, meetings are more efficient as we’re all connected simultaneously to the platform and can discuss live the 3D data model and can make changes instantly - instead of the previous time-consuming slide preparation and looking at a presentation on screen and then doing changes afterwards.

Nils Mertin > Lunux
Nils Mertin
Engineering Development Outdoor Lighting, Lunux GmbH

Future-proofing with cloud collaboration

The cloud-based system has been fantastic, and it’s worked seamlessly for us through multiple moves and expansions. You put your computer on the table and you’re immediately able to collaborate efficiently around the world.

Stefan Krause
Stefan Krause
Co-founder and chairman of the Advisory Board, Canoo

Markets today move at a speed that waits for no-one. Collaboration enabled by cloud technology has proven to be a critical factor enabling some businesses to stand out and thrive amid uncertainty.

Thanks to greater collaboration, scalability and over-the-air updates, cloud/SaaS solutions have enabled businesses to build resilience and keep teams productive in changing circumstances.


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