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With the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud Platform, designers have at their disposal an array of tools that make innovation easier than ever before.

Designer Tony Parez-Edo created his innovative design for the E-Flow Air Purifier in 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud apps from start to finish. Using the platform’s intuitive design interface, he harnessed inspiration from beauty in the natural world and built environment.

He overcame technical challenges with the aid of intuitive, powerful design tools built on cloud technology. Cloud collaboration and data storage enabled him to share ideas with stakeholders and take his work with him on the go.

Tony’s design for the E-Flow started with a question: how do we reconcile a sense of clean with a sense of calm?

Coming from a diverse background in industrial design, he envisioned the E-Flow Air Purifier as a product that would not just be an object, but an experience.
He seized on the idea of UV lights as a natural air purifying technology that could be combined with movement to create a sense of serenity that was almost hypnotic.

Breaking throught Design Parameters

Design Your Way
Design shouldn’t be limited by the device where you keep your files or the desk where you choose to work. The 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud Platform offered all the features Tony needed to design his project from start to finish, enabled by cloud computing.

-    Intuitive 3D sketching
-    Modeling
-    Shaping & Styling
-    Generative Design for Structures
-    Generative Design for Fluids
-    Mechanical Engineering
-    Simulation & Analysis
-    Rendering & Product Visuals

“Cloud collaboration was a huge part of how we were able to move the project forward so quickly.”

Design Your Way

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