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From IT outsider to business critical – The rise of cloud computing

Many businesses have turned to cloud solutions during this period of extreme disruption, but most have yet to realize its full potential 

As the world becomes ever more digital, cloud computing is increasingly at its heart. From smartphones to streaming, collaborative design to customer experience, the cloud is now inextricably interwoven with how we live our modern lifestyles. 

And the impact of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown has shown that cloud computing is not merely the mainstay of tech companies and early adopters but business critical for every enterprise. A connected ecosystem with the ability to collaborate with colleagues virtually and share real-time information whenever and wherever you are, has helped many businesses keep going throughout the disruption. 

It has also provided a small a glimpse into just what is possible with a cloud-centric approach. Transitioning your business onto a shared cloud-based platform can help you rethink and reshape the core values of your organization to create both short-term resiliency and long-term value.  

As cloud computing-expert Joe Weinman explained in Compass magazine a cloud-centric approach can have a profound effect on the traditional ‘value disciplines’ of operational excellence, product leadership and customer intimacy. 

Making information your ally 

Businesses today have access to a vast array of potential information that could help significantly improve their operations. Leveraging it effectively, however, is another matter. By bringing together multiple data sources on a single cloud platform and using big data analytics to find actionable insights, companies can substantially improve their operational metrics.  

No product is an island 

The rise of the experience economy and connected devices has ushered in a new era of product ecosystems. Rather than standalone products or services, we are increasingly seeing different solutions come together to provide a superior customer experience. Cloud software is crucial to integrating these portfolio elements, connecting multiple solutions and opening up potential new business models. 

For example, the health and fitness industry is turning to cloud-based solutions to create more personalized experiences. Through wearable technology, connected exercise equipment, and a range of smart phones apps, individuals can monitor their long-term performance, share progress and get personalized training. 

Getting closer to each and every customer 

Businesses traditionally struggled to build detailed profiles of their customer bases at scale. Understanding customer behavior was either made through broad assumptions about large groups of people or an intimate knowledge about few individuals.  

Cloud-based IT enables collective intimacy through algorithms driven by billions of data points on customer attitudes, behaviors, and demographics, all complemented by external data. Through this a company can build a far more detailed picture of each customer’s likes and dislikes and act accordingly. 

Innovating outside the office 

The cloud is the conduit to effective online collaboration and ideation. This is not just relevant during this period of extreme disruption but a smart business solution crucial to enabling enterprises to expand beyond their employee base when it comes to innovation. 

Israel-based Eviation Aircraft, for example, is designing and building cost-effective all-electric airplanes for mid-range distances. To realize this ambitious project, the company is working with more than 160 suppliers and partners located all over the world. Eviation selected the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform in order to connect all of its far-flung stakeholders. This gave all the company’s contributors a single space to exchange ideas, share knowledge and know-how, and continuously innovate.  

 The propellers are made in the US, the plane’s molds in Indonesia, the landing gear in Italy, other components in France, Working with the Dassault Systèmes technologies enabled us to go from concept to prototype very quickly.

Omer Bar-Yohay
Co-Founder & CEO, Eviation Aircraft

Over the past couple of years, cloud solutions have become increasingly mainstream and the current disruption has highlighted just how reliant we are upon them. By embracing a cloud-centric approach, businesses have the opportunity to transform their operations and create stronger relationships with their customers and collaborators.

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