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Business continuity in the cloud: The power of predictive analysis

Cloud-based platforms can deliver the data and analytics needed to make a business more resilient today and in the future.

As the world grapples with unprecedented levels of uncertainty, business continuity has become of paramount importance. Investing in a connected ecosystem on the cloud can ensure limited interruption, helping staff work remotely more efficiently while collaborating more closely with each other, external partners and their customers. 

But adopting a public cloud-based platform approach also gives businesses access to a wealth of data about their organization, their industry and their customers. This data can then be used to better analyze the impact of business trends, build more detailed customer profiles, and significantly improve scenario planning.

There are three key areas where Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® cloud-based platform can enable more effective predictive analysis:

1. Shared intelligence from a single-source of truth – Companies and their stakeholders can share information and insights on a secure digital thread. This gives everyone greater visibility, reduces the risk of duplication and means businesses can react quicker to changes.

2. Contextualized business insights – AI and machine learning tools bring together data from multiple sources to help build detailed profiles of your operations, products and customers. These can then be used to simulate potential scenarios, assess their impact and model and test new ideas. 

3. Cohesive project planning – Having collectively defined project scope and key delivery milestones, everyone can receive real-time notifications of project progress and then instantly update KPIs or timings in response to new insights or events.

For Indian automotive components manufacturer Sandhar, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform has helped them not only manage projects more efficiently and effectively but react quickly when necessary.

“We create, review and monitor each project, and keep a record of all progress. If there is any change management, a proper record is kept for that. We have certain deadlines that we are now able to monitor effectively in real time. If there is any delay, we can see it immediately and the program manager can take early action to avoid it. Information flows automatically through the platform and everybody is connected in real time. 

Arvind Joshi
Former whole time director, CFO and company secretary at Sandhar

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform creates a continuous business experience for all stakeholders. Where information can flow freely and transparently, and be used to analyze, predict and act on, creating a more agile, resilient organization that can thrive whatever the future. 

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