How to find your dream internship?

Do you want to get the internship of your dreams? This opportunity that will allow you to take off your career path?

Discover the 5 tips of our experts: Louise Quelard, Talent Acquisition Partner and Cecile Grosjean, Campus Talent Acquisition Partner Specialist.

1. Target

Target the type of company and type of mission you are looking for. 

2. Be aware of how and when companies recruit

Some companies have recruitment campaigns, which are only opened during specific periods within the year.

3. Know where to find the right information

Companies' career websites or online job boards such as Job Teaser, LinkedIn, and Indeed, school's internal website or contact an alumni.

4. Know how your school works

Duration of the internship, possible internship dates, oral exams and/or dissertation to be completed, etc.

5. Talk about your internship research

Do not hesitate to talk about your internship research around you. Make your network work. Sometimes an opportunity can arise during a conversation!

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