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Services Software Expert

Malaysia, SL, Petaling Jaya

Job Title 
Services Software Expert

Role Description & Responsibilities

  • Understand Customer Business Requirements, Scenarios, Use Cases, Users Experience needs. 
  • Evaluate costs (man/days), manage activities in order to ensure deliveries deadlines, report to Software Architect. 
  • Identify and manage dependencies with other components. Document these selections in the Detailed Technical Specifications. 
  • Understand the software system design, describe the specifications in technical terms: select the algorithms, theories or technologies that will be used. 
  • Plan the appropriate user interface. 
  • Develop code functions and Unitary Tests in respect of quality rules defined by the Software Architect. 
  • Analyze and correct reported issues and/or execute software changes required by the customer aligned with R&D strategies.


  • Experience in technical consulting, solution design, project envisioning, planning, development and deployment 
  • 5 to 7 years of experience in technical consulting, solution design, project planning, development & deployment
  • Degree in Engineering or Computer Science

What’s in it for you?

  • Opportunities to work and communicate with teams of different cultural & ethnic backgrounds within an MNC
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