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Senior Platform Software Engineer

Japan, Tokyo

Your Competencies:


Platform Engineers at Medidata aim to help teams improve reliability of our Platform. Some Platform Engineers focus on writing application level code to improve observability and reliability, while others focus on improving deployment and infrastructure automation. We appreciate different areas of expertise and offer growth in the area of focus most suitable to the candidate and our team.  All Platform Engineers practitioners have common expectations - listed below - to help us lower MTTR and CFR and accelerate our teams.


The team you would be joining creates tooling and sets standards and best practices for the rest of the Medidata teams. As a member of the team you will work on solutions to improve the reliability of deployments, communications between services, observability and alerting, and much more. Your solutions will be used by multiple teams and you will have the chance to interact with a multitude of technical stacks and guide teams on their road to increase quality of service.


Some Team Highlights

     Experts in observability, reliability, API communication. Highly regarded internal team of experts.

     Users of latest open source software and best practices of the industry.

     Owners of the busiest service in the platform, managing terabytes of telemetry daily.

     Lot of freedom to decide how we work, self-structured and independent.


Your Role

     Designs and implements new features for automation, services and tools and understands the big picture.

     Mentors engineers and associate engineers.

     Approves and merges PRs, looked up by other team members for reviews. Considered most expert reviewer in team

     Debugs issues throughout the stack, codebase, application, or system in various environments, finding and reporting the root cause or a viable workaround in a timely manner.

     Improves deployment safety (blue/green, CD automation) and automation.

     Review and automate observability solutions, verifying they match the reality of the services.

     Review and approve monitors and alerts. Helps other teams select the proper alert thresholds.

     Understand the hardware resources used by services outside the team and can provide guidance to other teams about how to use them optimally or add telemetry to them.

     Lead hazards reviews with teams.

     Advise teams on how to improve the observability of their services, including creating software solutions for them to incorporate.

     Create custom solutions to do complex analysis of telemetry data.

     Propose and implement new auto scaling mechanisms.

     Propose changes to improve the performance of interactions among multiple services.

     Simplify the alert setup of systems, creating a consistent set of alerts applicable widely.

     Lead improvements of CI/CD for the team. Teaches others best practices.

     Analyze past incidents to find potential improvements in observability.

     Propose changes to prevent incidents from repeating.

     Participate in RCA meetings.

     Create means to ensure teams to ensure review their runtime objectives and alerts

Your Education & Experience:


        Bachelor’s degree in computer science (or related field) or equivalent experience.

        Experience creating innovative monitoring tools

        Experience with web backend, synchronous and asynchronous communications

        Experience consuming, designing and building APIs

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