Senior License Compliance Audit Leader

United Kingdom, Hammersmith

Your Role:

Support and contribute to the strategies of the License Compliance (LC) program, particularly within the Audit Program expansion, as well as the definition and deployment of the LC program within new Brands/Products to expand license compliance activity in Dassault Systèmes (DS) products portfolio. 

Support the LC teams by identifying scenarios of potential non-compliant use of DS software throughout the DS portfolio, including through the review of contractual exceptions granted to DS customers. Lead all audit engagements in the established perimeter up to closure.

Contribute to the expansion of the LC program within additional DS Products/Brands, through the identification, definition and implementation of new LC programs.

Your Responsibilities:

Audit Activities:

  •  Drive audit pipeline by:
    • Establishing a list of audit candidates based on data mining, and working with the Geo to identify potential candidates
  • Identify potential non-compliant use of DS software and support with the implementation of such scenarios within the Audit Program:
  • Gather data on scenarios of potential non-compliant use of DS software
  • Identify the data that needs to be collected within the DS customer to review the use of the DS product
  • Work with the team to define a priority for each scenario identified
  • Build relationships with the Sales leaders to gain leads and foster a positive working relationship
  • Review audit nominations to ensure completeness of data regarding the targeted customer and Group
  • Coordinate audit engagements with auditors, support on strategy for audit engagements and participate in negotiations where requested
  • Support in project implementation, follow-up, as well as lessons learned and best practices

Compliance Activities:

  • Gather data on the DS Brands/Products where no License Compliance program exists:
    • Products and their licensing mechanism
    • Market data WW: targeted industry, number of customers, location per country
    • Piracy and locations
    • Potential non-compliant situations among customers
  • Synthesize data to support the decision-making on the relevance of defining and implementing a License Compliance Program for each product analyzed
  • Where it has been decided to implement an LC program, you will:
    • Define the process and/or tools required to gather the necessary data related to the use of the products
    • Define an implementation process: timeline of implementation, team training (LC, sales)
    • Coordinate and support the deployment of the program in the different locations

Your Qualifications:

  • Leadership skills – the ability to bring people together from diverse disciplines and control/influence successful decision-making
  • Negotiation Skills – the ability to manage and bring people to a consensus, great communicator
  • Able to manage conflict through to a successful conclusion in respect of the other parties involved
  • Enthusiastic and committed to the role
  • Willing to take on multiple tasks and manage them successfully prioritizing them accordingly
  • Proven experience in License and Compliance domains, preferably in tech/software 

Diversity statement

As a game-changer in sustainable technology and innovation, Dassault Systèmes is striving to build more inclusive and diverse teams across the globe. We believe that our people are our number one asset and we want all employees to feel empowered to bring their whole selves to work every day. It is our goal that our people feel a sense of pride and a passion for belonging. As a company leading change, it’s our responsibility to foster opportunities for all people to participate in a harmonized Workforce of the Future.
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