Scientific Solutions Developer – Internship

United Kingdom, Cambridge

As a Scientific Solutions Developer Intern and  member of the BIOVIA WW Sales & Operations group, your task will be to develop new solutions for proof-of-concept works tailored to existing customer needs. Such solutions will include, but not limited to, the use of molecular modelling tools as implemented in BIOVIA’ Materials Studio® package as well as building scripts and protocols from BIOVIA’ Pipeline Pilot®. During the internship, you will utilize Biovia Materials Studio's simulation tools to investigate the use of united atoms and coarse-grained potentials in predicting important material properties. This will provide insights into how simplified models can simulate complex materials and help develop predictive models for key material characteristics.


Role & Responsibilities 

  • Prototype innovative solutions using 3DS tools
  • Validate and improve the solution(s) with our final users through presentations of your work and through users’ tests
  • Collaborate in a multi-cultural team, composed of products owners, developers, consultants and scientists.
  • Learn multiple BIOVIA software packages
  • Learn and apply the fundamentals of molecular modelling
  • Improve your scientific knowledge through extensive review of current literature and existing state-of-the-art solutions


  • Finishing your training as an engineer (PhD or master degree), you specialize on the use of predictive science applied to industrially relevant issues.
  • Molecular modelling (drawing, computation) packages
  • Good scientific background, general knowledge of physical-chemistry
  • Ability to work onsite for the duration of the internship
  • Critical mind, able to give constructive feedback
  • Excellent communication skills in English, both verbally and in writing

Diversity statement

As a game-changer in sustainable technology and innovation, Dassault Systèmes is striving to build more inclusive and diverse teams across the globe. We believe that our people are our number one asset and we want all employees to feel empowered to bring their whole selves to work every day. It is our goal that our people feel a sense of pride and a passion for belonging. As a company leading change, it’s our responsibility to foster opportunities for all people to participate in a harmonized Workforce of the Future.
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