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R&D Development Engineer - Java Developer

India, MH, Pune

Design, develop and continuously improve software in order to provide World Class Apps, Services and Technologies delivering experiences & value to end-users. Continuously improve deliveries based on usage and user feedbacks. 


  • Understand user requirements and design capabilities in order to deliver best in class experiences
  • Propose relevant enhancements by understanding user behavior (data analytics and  probes study) 
  • Understand the portfolio plans, committed values, and position new developments in this context  
  • Understand competitive products landscape in the scope of their work
  • Learn and stay at the state of the art on software development practices, technologies 
  • Analyze code usage metrics to identify areas for code quality or software performances improvements


  • Learn and promote component re-use
  • Design new components for re-use in collaboration with architects
  • Define and describe functional behavior, limitations and acceptance tests of capabilities to deliver
  • Design operable software (such as validation check on 0% downtime, code upgrade compatibility)
  • Select best algorithms or technologies to use. 
  • Perform feasibility study (prototype, POC) to validate 
    • Technology / components proposal with Architects
    • User experience proposal with user experience Designer 
  • Validate software architecture with Architects (Systems Architect, Service/App/Techno Architect, Engineering Architect), respecting architecture Standards / Patterns
    • People with experience in coding (UX, web, cloud, algorithms, industry processes…)
    • People with modern development skills (web, cloud…)

    Hard Skills

    [Define Strategy]

    • emergent technologies
    • Web analytics

    [Define & Plan]

    • Engineering principles
    • Cloud technologies


    • Software Engineering 
    • ICT software specifications
    • Software design methodologies
    • Unified modelling language
    • Semantic Modeling inc. RDF/RDFS/OWL
    • Saas
    • PaaS
    • IaaS
    • Driving Innovation


    • Technologies - Core Java (3/5) 
    • 3DS R&D Methods & Means
    • Prototyping development
    • Algorithms
    • Computer programming
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