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Quality Assurance Engineer for the Nagoya R&D Lab (automobile customer)

Japan, Nagoya

As a member of Japan R&D Lab, support TMC Project by continuously improving deliveries based on usage and user feedback.

Perform a best-in-class quality assessment to secure, up-front, successful usage of 3DS solutions. Optimize testing cycle time for accelerated delivery while improving test coverage for product quality and customer use.


TMC customer-specific "Show Stopper Issues" Quality Assurance” Certification

Responsible for the quality SS (Show Stopper) issues QA validations

               SS Validation processes are put in place to protect the customer from points of failure along the PP delivery pipeline.


      1. Development Team Design Document Validations
      2. Debug Kit QA Deployment and Testing
      3. Pin Point QA Installation and Testing


Customer Specific Test Plan/Scenario Define and Execution

           TMC-specific app domain QA tests according to the scope of responsibility.

  1. Interactive discussions with DEFINE teams to create Rewires with Industrialization data.
  2. Industrialization of TMC Usecases
  3. Ensure the quality of deliveries of TMC scenarios
  4. Usecase Scenario mapping with TMC Usecase document for traceability.
  5. Validate Usecase and report Issues.


Quality Assurance Activities

                Review Specifications:

      1. Validate the functional specifications for completeness and testability
      2. Support test strategy definition:

                                              Define What, how, when, and depth of test coverage

      1.  Create a test plan, functional and non-functional use cases, test scenarios and test matrix

               Execute Tests:  

      1. Functionality and error-handling
      2. Non-Regression
      3.  Technical skills in Software development processes, testing methodologies
      4.  Experience of using the products as a user

                                               Functionality / technical design & related industry business processes and complement it with relevant use cases, test scenarios definition/creation.

      1. Knowledge of usability testing, PCS, Security, Mobile/Web, …
      2. Technical Automation experience
      3.  Deep interest in software testing and quality


      1. Requirements (for Test enablers to Software Engineers)
      2. Product Enhancement Specification (PES) Validation
      3. [Automated] Integration Test  (Functional and PCS)
      4. Validation Test Scenario (non-regression, Function validation, Best Practice, Licensing, Packaging, PCS, Security, CAA, Customization, Migration, Documentation, Guided free test, TVT / VNLS)
      5. Validation Test Scenario - Function validation

Strong desire to work autonomously and collaboratively

Have demonstrated deliverables and/or innovation across a broad range of methods

Comfortable with speaking and presenting in English and Japanese at a professional level (French is a good bonus)

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