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Industry Process Consultant - Technical Support for EM, Electromagnetics

Korea, Republic of, Seoul Regular 6/3/2022 525971

Dassault Systemes is Hiring !! This team will collaborate with our global sales teams in APAC ,  Asia Pacific to drive sales and gain market shares in existing and new markets. Joining Dassault Systemes means you will be part of a diverse group of highly engaging professionals from all over the world with whom you will have fun while at work. Our teams are passionate, creative, and focused on making an impact. 

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Industry Process Consultant (기술컨설턴트) - 전자기장 해석 (EM, Electromagnetics)

  • 담당 제품: CST Studio Suite®, Electromagnetics Engineer [EMC]
  • 담당 산업군: 중견 중소기업 대상 모든 산업군 (Automobiles, Industrial Equipment, Hightech, etc)


Job Description

  • SIMULIA 의 전자기장 해석 제품 (CST Studio Suite®, Electromagnetics Engineer [EMC]) 관련 한국 담당자
  • 담당 제품 관련 기술 영업 지원 (Industry Process Consultant)
  • 담당 제품 관련 고객 사, 파트너 사 기술 지원 및 교육
  • 담당 제품관련 Business 활성화를 위한 Marketing 활동 지원 및 Contents 개발
  • 영업 및 타 부서와 커뮤니케이션
  • 담당 제품 관련 제품에 대한 고객 및 파트너의 의견을 취합하여 내부 R&D와 커뮤니케이션



  • 학력: 관련 전 공 석사 졸업 또는 이 
  • 연차: 석사 신입 또는 박사 신입 지원 가능, 경력자 우대
  • 전자기장 관련 다양한 해석 경력자
  • CAE 제품 및 솔루션 소개 및 발표 가능 (Presentation 능력 우수)
  • Business Communication 수준의 영어 능력 (English Level 참고: Native > Fluent > Business Level > Intermediate > Basic)
  • 국내외 출장에 결격사유 없음



Industry Process Consultant (기술컨설턴트) - 전자기장 해석 (EM, Electromagnetics)


The Industry Process Consultant's mission is to reveal and demonstrate to customers how to maximize the value of the Industry Process portfolio by applying the Value Engagement framework. Through IFWE Loop, he/she drives customers to address their business transformation by re-engineering their processes, leveraging 3DEXPERIENCE platform Industry Processes. 

  • The Industry Process Consultant masters 3DEXPERIENCE platform usage and value through Industry Processes especially for Electromanetics field. He/she understands how the products fulfill the business needs. The Industry Process Consultant contributes to increasing the deal size, accelerate deal signature and secures successful go-live.
  • Main responsible Area & Product: Electromagnetics Simulation products like CST Studio Suite & Electromagnetics Engineer
  • The Industry Process Consultant is also able to articulate the overall 3DEXPERIENCE platform value.
  • The Industry Process Consultant contributes to the execution of the Value Engagement activities and deliverables, according to the different phases, with a specific focus on gate reviews.
  • The Industry Process Consultant can articulate value, based on identified KPIs and KVIs, using storylines based on the Customer Value Model and adapting them to the audience, whether it is a User, a Process Owner or a Business Owner
  • The Industry Process Consultant: 
    • closely collaborates with the DS internal ecosystem 
    • maintains best in class level of expertise
    • capitalizes on-field activities
    • provides feedback loop from customer use cases
    • supports the Solution enablement of their Partners and Sales Ecosystem.
    • maximizes the usage of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for interaction with the customer and DS ecosystem 




  • Master of Sciences in engineering or similar experience.
  • Strong industrial engineering background



  • Deep understanding of 3D electromagnetic field simulation for a wide range of applications including RF/Microwave design, optics and photonics, antenna design and installed performance, specific absorption rate (SAR), bio-electromagnetics, co-existence, de-sense and interference, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and environmental effects (E3), Signal Integrity (SI) and Power Integrity (PI).
  • Experience in Numerical and simulation techniques for electromagnetic and multi-physics analysis.

  • Analyzing and interpreting results of electromagnetic simulation to meet end-user requirement.

  • Minimum 3 years proven experience managing the implementation of electromagnetic simulations and related microwave/RF/antenna, EMC/EMI and thermal/electromechanical problems including Time domain and Frequency domain methods.

  • Extensive knowledge on computational Electromagnetics software tools, such as SIMULIA CST Studio Suite and Antenna Magus

  • Must be able to effectively develop and deliver complex solution and demonstrations to existing and potential customers.

  • Excellent presentation skills; comfort discussing aligning complex engineering solutions with organizational needs and technical requirements with both engineering and IT directors, managers, lead engineers and analysts

  • Demonstrated problem solving skills illustrating the ability to create engineering solutions to engineering challenges

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