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Industry Process Consultant - Fluids Intern

United Kingdom, Coventry Internship 7/28/2022 528153

Imagine new horizons…

Imagine having access to some of the world’s most advanced tools for fluids simulation. At that point you will become familiar with some cutting-edge aero and fluid dynamic simulations that numerous industries are using today. By using state-of-the-art post processing tools you will be able to visualize and describe the effect of an aerodynamic solution or device, and understand its behavior in a given context. You will then be able to formulate an alternative solution or a design change based on your recommendations.


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#aerodynamics #fluids #fluiddynamics #simulations #CFD


What will your role be?

  • Understand the underlying assumptions and inputs required for a CFD simulation
  • Use post-pro tools to verify the correct targets of a simulation
  • Generate visually-appealing outputs to support your work
  • Summarize deliverables into reports and presentations


The challenges ahead

  • Improve your understanding of fluids and CFD
  • Communicate clearly your findings and potential areas of improvement
  • Adopt an agile attitude depending on inputs and projects


Your key success factors:


  • Familiar with CFD codes
  • Interested in fluid dynamics
  • Proficient in PowerPoint, Excel
  • Eager to learn while being a team player



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