Data Scientist

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Data Scientist


As part of the enhancements of NETVIBES Semantic Graph Index technology on DS Cloud, arised in 23x the “data scientist” role in order complement and enrich the Agregation, Search, Visualizations and Analytics capabilities of our solution, with Machine Learning to clean, classify, enrich and predict data. NETVIBES Services team is seeking for Data Scientists to create best of breed experiences for our customers and leverage the best of this new technology, by implementing concrete, strong added-value analytics use cases.

Design and tune machine learning models; create and implement new data mining strategies and algorithms, and in general, use state-of-the-art methods to produce knowledge and know-how via information extraction from empirical data and AI.


Role & Responsibilities


• Formulate new ways of applying advanced statistical models and machine learning to extract meaningful insights from complex, high-dimensional data.

• Conceive innovative data science solutions that directly contribute to the strategic direction and product improvement.

• Predict future industry trends and potential opportunities through data-driven projections and modeling.

• Envision novel applications of transformers and language models to innovate data analysis and prediction techniques.

• Develop comprehensive predictive models and algorithms to solve intricate business challenges, and to enhance the functionality and user experience of products.

• Design data experimentation and hypothesis testing methods to validate the efficiency and effectiveness of proposed solutions.

• Construct visually engaging data visualizations and reports to present intricate data findings in a clear and comprehensible manner to various stakeholders.

• Develop and fine-tune prompts for language models to improve information extraction and prediction accuracy.

• Generate data-driven insights that influence strategic business decisions and foster product innovation.

• Produce robust, scalable machine learning models to automate processes, enhance decision-making, and propel innovation.

• Provide detailed, data-backed recommendations that inform product development, customer engagement strategies, and operational efficiencies.

• Implement a wide array of statistical models, machine learning techniques, and advanced data analytics tools to extract valuable insights from complex datasets.

• Utilize machine learning and AI methodologies to optimize product performance and automate data processes.

• Leverage various programming languages and big data technologies to manage, analyze, and interpret voluminous and complex datasets.

• Leverage fine-tuning techniques for foundational models to better align data analysis with specific business objectives.

• Showcase the role of data science in driving strategic decisions, enhancing product performance, and optimizing customer experiences.

• Substantiate the ROI of data science projects by demonstrating their impact on business metrics, product enhancements, and customer satisfaction.

  • Qualifications/Experience


    •  Degree in computer science, statistics, mathematics, or a related field

    • 4-6 Years of experience in Data Science

    • Experience with data analysis and manipulation

    • Familiarity with machine learning algorithms and their applications



    •  Proficiency in programming languages, particularly Python and R

    •   Strong understanding of machine learning algorithms

    • Proficient in using data analysis tools and libraries like pandas, NumPy, Scikit-learn

    • Ability to use big data platforms and tools, like Hadoop, Spark, or SQL databases

    • Strong mathematical and statistical knowledge

    • Knowledge of data visualization tools and techniques, such as using Matplotlib, Seaborn

    •  Experience with deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch

    •   Strong problem-solving skills

    •   Attention to detail, ensuring accuracy in data analysis and model development

    •   Ability to work well in teams and collaborate effectively with various stakeholders

    •   Ability to manage multiple tasks and projects, and meet deadlines

    •   Curiosity and a strong desire to learn and stay updated with the latest industry trends

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