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C++ Developer for 3D Software Application (DELMIA)

Korea, Republic of, DaeGu

Role description & Responsibilities

Design, develop and continuously improve software in order to provide World Class Apps, Services and Technologies delivering experiences & value to end-users. Continuously improve deliveries based on usage and user feedbacks. 

Understand user requirements and design capabilities in order to deliver best in class experiences

Propose relevant enhancements by understanding user behavior (data analytics and  probes study) 

Understand the portfolio plans, committed values, and position new developments in this context  

Understand competitive products landscape in the scope of their work

Learn and stay at the state of the art on software development practices, technologies 

Analyze code usage metrics to identify areas for code quality or software performances improvements


Learn and promote component re-use

Design new components for re-use in collaboration with architects

Define and describe functional behavior, limitations and acceptance tests of capabilities to deliver

Design operable software (such as validation check on 0% downtime, code upgrade compatibility)

Select best algorithms or technologies to use. 

Perform feasibility study (prototype, POC) to validate 

Technology / components proposal with Architects

User experience proposal with user experience Designer 

Validate software architecture with Architects (Systems Architect, Service/App/Techno Architect, Engineering Architect), respecting architecture Standards / Patterns

Engineer minimalist and relevant dependencies. 

Submit unmet technical needs to Systems Architect and Service/App / Techno Architects for resolution 

Plan development activities, compliant with Release and Service version gates, and enabling all criteria to be respected, including:

PCS, Security, Data Privacy,

Delivery of enablers for test automation 

Capability for software introspection at runtime


Execute software development plan respecting defined plan, quality criteria and accurately documented:

Code, build and run unit tests

Deliver unit test and enablers for Quality Engineer to automate their testing (collaboration with Quality Engineers and Quality Engineering Manager)

Deliver components that will enable introspection at runtime (for debugging, monitoring)

Ensure developed source code reaches PCS, Security and Data Privacy criteria

Monitor progress of implementation of dependencies on other components and escalate in case of risk 

Perform Code Review to continuously improve existing code to make it lean


Deliver code usage probes

Deliver health and usage probes 

Support integration and d


  • People with experience in coding (UX, web, cloud, algorithms, industry processes…)
  • People with modern development skills (web, cloud…)

Essential Skills

  • Good understanding of object oriented programming and knowledge of development process, C++
  • Knowledge of geometric modeling concepts
  • Fluent English to communicate with global R&D people
  • Good level of technical writing in English

Desirable Skills

  • Knowledge of COM/DCOM
  • Experience of 3D programming and CAD/CAM/PLM software
  • Working with large platform(big size application) in C++
  • Good development and debugging skills using IDE tool
  • Experience of CAA development
  • Knowledge of development methodology (DevOps, Scrum…)


  • Perfect welfare
  • Plenty of room for growth


  • 장애인 및 국가보훈 대상자는 관련 법령에 의거하여 우대합니다. 이력서에 기재 바랍니다.
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