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As a company with over 22,500 employees representing 136 countries across 197 sites worldwide, Dassault Systèmes is committed to develop a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment in which truly disruptive innovations can be imagined and delivered.

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At Dassault Systèmes, we strive to tackle meaningful projects that benefit humankind and encourage knowledge sharing to encourage creativity and a fulfilling team environment for our employees.

Our Code of Business Conduct and Corporate Social Responsibility Principles frame our commitments to ethical business practices.

We are committed to providing a working environment without any form of discrimination, harassment or intimidation, and we must treat our colleagues, customers and partners with respect in all circumstances. Recruitment, training, promotion, appointment and other work-related decisions are based on the qualifications, talent and performance of each employee, as well as on our professional motivations.

From Dassault Systèmes Code of Business Conduct

Recruitment, training, promotion, assignment and other employment decisions are based on qualifications, talent, achievements and other business motives. The annual variable compensation of our executive officers and members of the Executive Operating Committee is partly based on a multi‑criteria ESG indicator including gender representation. Our current situation and future goals include:

  • 50% of women on the Board of Directors
  • 38.5% of women in the executive team, with a target of around 40% in 2027
  • 22.6% of women as people managers, with a target of 30% in 2027

To be effective in the marketplace, we need to have people who represent that marketplace in our organization.

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Linda Hassan
Vice-President, Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, MEDIDATA

We host many different events at our campuses across the world to celebrate Inclusion and Diversity, with local Champions supporting activities and creating awareness internally and externally.

Discover a sampling of our initiatives:


For more than a decade, the 3DS WIN (Women’s INitiative Network) has encouraged, inspired and sustained the development of women within Dassault Systèmes. A number of events – open to any employee regardless of gender identity – are held each year to promote gender diversity and inclusion, creating opportunities for collaboration not just among employees but also with representatives from other companies and with women’s networks, including the Assises de la Parité and the Women’s Forum Global Meeting.

Additionally, actions for gender equality are taken even before the recruitment stage by supporting global programs that encourage girls and women to explore and prepare for STEM careers.


Local action plans support the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies. Here are some examples; and more can be discovered in this blog post:

  • Since 2017, the US has operated PRIDE (Professionals Inspiring Dignity and Equality) – a committee that implements a range of actions including awareness raising, mentoring for LGBTQIA+ members and their allies, and actively working to recruit and retain diverse talent.
  • The Rainbow Network, launched in 2020, regularly holds pride-focused events such as internal conferences and lunches at different sites across the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Ireland and Lithuania.
  • Our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Champion Program makes it possible for employees to get involved in drawing up LGBTQIA+ support action plans, defining the annual calendar of events and actively organizing and leading such events. 


Dassault Systèmes is committed to long-term and increasingly inclusive disability policies. Initiatives to encourage the development of an inclusive work environment are deployed in many countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States of America, Canada, Japan, South Korea and to France, where we’ve signed a sixth consecutive agreement to:

  • Foster company commitment to the occupational integration of persons with disabilities;
  • Strengthen the primary employment aspects for persons with disabilities: initial training, employability, accessibility, career advancement, sustainability;
  • Value and involve those within the company who help implement the policies;
  • Change people’s perception about disabilities, particularly when it comes to invisible and unusual ones; and
  • Highlight the value of uniqueness within the company to leverage innovation.

Employee Engagement for Sustainability

To help encourage our employees to positively contribute to the challenges of climate change, Dassault Systèmes offers an annual internal innovation program called LEAP for SUSTAINABILITY@3DS. Every employee has the opportunity to propose ideas for new Dassault Systèmes solutions that can help our customers make the world more sustainable. 

In 2022, thousands of our employees participated in a Climate Fresk workshop – a half-day session that offers a unique approach to driving deeper understanding the origins and implications of climate change.

Hear about our employees’ experience in the workshop.

We strive to empower all of our colleagues to hone their knowledge and take action on our shared climate challenges within their professional and personal scopes. Providing trainings such as the Climate Fresk allows us as a company to continue walking the talk, ensuring we remain knowledgeable on climate challenges as a collective and continue to incorporate sustainability values into our products as well as our operations.

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Philippine DE T'SERCLAES
Chief Sustainability Officer

Employee Health and Wellbeing

In October 2021, we launched We Care for Your Health, in support of our mission to imagine and execute a higher quality working environment. We believe that our people’s health always comes first. This initiative has two main goals:

  • Invest in awareness campaigns that promote physical activity, which plays a vital role in preventive healthcare and mental well-being; and
  • Transform existing representations, managerial behaviors and practices to take better care of our people during the different stages of illness and preserve their professional journey within the company.

We believe that providing a favorable, suitable environment for colleagues affected by illness is an act of solidarity and care. We specifically aim to ensure that all our colleagues living with or affected by cancer and chronic diseases can find support and comfort within the company during their healing journey. Creating a safe space for our employees to obtain the care they require and ensure the best possible recovery is of utmost priority. Through We Care for Your Health, we also raise deeper awareness and understanding of the impact of diseases in the workplace.

Employee Knowledge and Know-How

One of our company’s values is “Passion to Learn.” Through 3DEXPERIENCE University, we offer employees with a portfolio of trainings, knowledge-acquisition experiences, on-the-job specialization and social learnings. We’re proud to report that 98.7% of employees received training in 2022.


One figure to sum up all these initiatives: in 2022, our employees’ Pride & Satisfaction index reached about 82%. 


Labor standards

At Dassault Systèmes, we’re committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships. This includes taking concrete steps towards the removal of slavery and human trafficking from our business and supplier relationships.


3DEXPERIENCE Edu takes a completely fresh approach to empowering people with the knowledge and know-how needed to thrive in the workplace. This initiative helps equip learners with in-demand industry skills for sustainable innovation. It helps shape an inclusive world where excellence, individual performance and purpose combine with user communities to make learning fun and beneficial.

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La Fondation Dassault Systèmes

La Fondation Dassault Systèmes places virtual universes at the service of a more sustainable society in order to contribute to transformation in the following fields:

  • Education, to support the development of new innovative learning methods in scientific and technical subjects, to facilitate and share the creation of 3D educational content and its dissemination, and thus contribute to the growth of innovation and sustainable development at all educational levels;
  • Research, which is the main provider of solutions for economic, social and environmental challenges, by enabling researchers to push back the limits of knowledge;
  • Heritage, by enabling scientists to find better ways of protecting it and enhancing it for future generations.

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For us, pursuing ethical and sustainable growth is one of the pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility Principles and our sustainability strategy more widely.


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