Corporate Responsibility

Dassault Systèmes’ corporate responsibility and sustainability commitments are the backbone of everything we do. Since our inception, we have held ourselves to the highest level of accountability for the much-needed acceleration of sustainability; this is seen through our business practices and ethical standards. 

We're Committed to Generating Positive Social Impact

We’re dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive workforce in which truly disruptive sustainable innovations can be imagined and delivered. We believe that by providing virtual experiences to businesses and organizations we can empower humans to develop solutions that bring their vision to life.


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of our workforce is female 


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Sustainability is Our Top Priority and the Heart Our Corporate Purpose

The future of a healthy planet requires a sustainable economy driven by innovation and wide-ranging collaboration. Because they offer a multi-scale, multi-discipline, holistic and inclusive approach to innovation, virtual platforms provide the backbone for new sustainable approaches to the world’s greatest challenges.

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Philippine DE T'SERCLAES
Chief Sustainability Officer

Our Sustainability Commitments

Sustainability is at the heart of Dassault Systèmes’ core values. Our culture is driven primarily by our commitment to innovation and to having a positive impact on society.


Our company's IFWE mindset means that we constantly challenge the status quo to fuel human progress. We ask ourselves: what will life be like 10 years from now? How will we produce goods? How will we travel? Asking these questions helps us support our many customers who are pioneers in their field (robotics, energy, mobility and more).


We strongly believe that virtual universes are a key enabler to imagine, design and test new products, materials, and processes needed for social progress and tomorrow’s more sustainable economy.


Creating Positive Impact

We’re in the business of innovation. We help manufacturers virtualizing their operations to improve data sharing and collaboration across their organization. We support the healthcare industry’s move towards virtualization to create more precise experiences for people as part of prevention, treatment and follow up. We’re working with urban planners to develop the city of tomorrow. In all of these areas, virtual twins help our clients experiment in real-time to improve their products and processes. We’re proud to support all those who imagine and innovate – regardless of industry or company size – and have proudly watched our customers transform the world for the past 40+ years.

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Engaging with the Global Community

Dassault Systèmes helps companies around the world from a diverse set of industries harness knowledge and know-how. We continue to set our standards higher each day through our sustainable business practices and solutions, and we build a like-minded workforce to drive this mission.


Demonstrate Strong Business Ethics

Pursuing ethical and sustainable growth is a fundamental value and one of the pillars of our corporate social responsibility.

Compliance with ethics and international standards is an integral part of the purpose of Dassault Systèmes: to imagine sustainable innovations capable of harmonizing products, nature and life.


Build More Inclusive and Diverse Teams

We believe that our people are our number one asset. We want everyone to feel empowered to bring their whole selves to work each day. Our goal is for every one of our employees to feel a sense of pride and belonging, and a passion for what we do. As a company leading change, we take seriously the responsibility to foster opportunities for all employees to be part of a harmonized workforce of the future.



Across the company, we have implemented policies and processes to promote inclusivity and diversity and to ensure each employee receives an equal opportunity for career development.


Collaborate to Create a Better Society

La Fondation Dassault Systèmes actively contributes to transforming the learning experience by helping schools, universities, research centers, museums and non-profit organizations push the limits of knowledge and inspire a passion for engineering, science and digital technology among the next generation.



La Fondation’s mission is to help create a better and more collaborative society by supporting the development of an economy based on collective intelligence that leverages the power of experience to transform how people interact with and discover the world around them. As part of this mission, it actively contributes to inventing new ways of sharing know-how and transforming learning practices that make it possible to detect new talents and help them achieve their dreams.

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