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Project Planner

Reduce resource and overall project execution costs by enabling lean optimized 
team planning 

  • Planning for RII: Mobile, inclusive and easy to use planning experience, for ang user to plan their work and contribute to the team plan 
  • Collaborative Planning in Real Time: Real time project execution KPl's available to all collaborators 
  • Schedule Optimizer: Automatic project plan optimization based on user updates and changes 
  • Immersive and Seamless Task Integration: Assigned tasks and associated deliverables available directly from within the CAD application 
Product Communicator 3DEXCITE > Dassault Systèmes

Product Communicator

Seeing is believing - create stunning digital content to showcase product values, enable partners and win customers 

  • Create rendering productions in xStudio, or realtime presentations in xHighlight without disconnecting from the 3DEXPERlENCE Twin 
  • Produce assets and Interactive product presentations derived from an intuitive user interface 
  • Stage products Interactively in global illumination, directly in the web browser to produce stunning renderings on-cloud and pay only when a render is triggered 
  • Render-as-a-Service IS a fully scalable Infrastructure for large-scale productions and teams 
  • Build interactive product trainings to promote the product in a compelling way 
  • Illustrate and present your product USPs and usage scenarios through videos in a high u impactful wag 
  • Create technical illustrations for user-guides or functional product descriptions With maximum accuracy thanks to vector graphic technology
3D Publication credits > Dassault Systèmes

3D Publication Credits

Enables makers, designers, CGI artists and marketers using 3DEXClTE xStudio to 
generate photorealistic renderings on ang device by leveraging cloud rendering 

  • With the power of the cloud Users create value anytime, but pay only when rendering 
  • Connect and continue working, anytime and anywhere, With no client installation 
  • Stellar precise render technology supports superior material appearance and render quality in Global Illumination (GI) mode 
  • Fully scalable infrastructure for large-scale productions teams via Render-as-a-Service 

Managed cloud render service within the 3DEXPERlENCE platform 

Collaborative Business Innovator

Connect people & data to foster innovation 
Allow everyone in the company to become contributor of collective innovation. 

  • Get inspirations from what is said within the company or on the internet 
  • Keep everyone in the know With communities conversations 
  • Express your creativity by sketching ideas in 3D 
  • Create stunning visual stories leveraging 3D 
  • Instantly contribute With comment like 

3D Offers



Design complex machines using the best of both worlds

Traditional CATIA and Engineering in-the-cloud — all connected together in one single platform.


An extensive portfolio of roles and apps

Covering the entire design-to-manufacture process.


Design using the best of both worlds

Traditional SOLIDWORKS and Engineering-in-the-cloud - all connected together in one single platform.