SIMULIA / Abaqus Certification

Top employers in the industry are looking for skilled students & individuals certified on 3DS solutions to unleash the power of 3DS tools. Abaqus Certification validates that you have the skills and knowledge needed to unleash the power of Abaqus tools.

Earning our Abaqus certification can help you get a job, keep a job, or possibly move up in your career. It helps you stand out among your peers and be a part of our growing community of certified users. A Survey on Certification Benefits showed that 86% of students achieving certification were able to identify better job opportunities.

As a Certified Abaqus Associate you demonstrate that you have achieved a robust level of fundamental knowledge and hands-on experience of Abaqus simulation techniques. 

Live Practice exams

The Abaqus Certification exam tests knowledge of the solutions as well as hands-on experience with live access exams where you solve real life simulation challenges with Abaqus solutions.


As a Certified Abaqus Associate, you demonstrate your proficiency using Abaqus/CAE and Abaqus/Standard for structural analysis including - but not limited to - element definition, loading and boundary conditions description, constraints, geometric nonlinearities, metal plasticity, and contact. An initial training of three to six months is highly recommended.

To get certified as an Associate you need to pass the following exam (click on the grey bar for more information)

Getting Prepared

Getting certified requires serious preparation. In order to get ready for an exam, we recommend you to go through the following steps:

1- LEARN. Get trained on the ‘Introduction to Abaqus’ course as specified in the recommended learning path (see picture) and in the exam description. The course is available online via Companion Learning Space (CLS).

For students and professors, visit the 3DS Academy website then use the LEARN ONLINE tab and 'CONNECT TO CLS' under the COMPANION LEARNING SPACE heading. Then login with your DS Passport. If you do not have one, click on the SIGN UP tab to create one.

To attend an instructor led class, please contact one of our Education Partners or visit the SIMULIA web page.

2- FOCUS. To complement your training and reinforce your skills, review the topics that were covered in the course and in particular those where you could improve, and practice as much as possible, especially on the topics included in the exam (refer to exam description).

Additional resources: The SIMULIA Learning Community (SLC).

  • Use your DS Passport or register to join if you don’t have a DS Passport.
  • Select « Academics », « Training & Tips », or the eSeminars pages
  • Navigate through the various articles and tutorials

3- PRACTICE. The more you practice, the better. In order to get ready to take a real exam, a sample exam is available online. It is meant to give you a better understanding of the exam and question formats. It also gives you the opportunity to get familiar with the steps to start an exam. This sample exam is free and accessible at any time via the same platform as the real exam. For more information click, on the sample exam bar.

Taking an Exam

The exams are delivered online at one of our Authorized Certification Centers in a proctored environment. To book an exam, contact one of our Dassault Systèmes Authorized Certification Centers close to your location.

  • Public centers are run by our Education Partners and open to anybody. 
  • Private centers are Academic Certification Centers, only open to the school or university's students.

If you are a student you should also ask your professor whether your university or school has a Dassault Systèmes Academic Certification Center where you can take the exams.

Validating Your Certification

After you successfully pass the exam(s) needed to certify, you can access your digital certificate in your user account. Digital certificates are secured. Each certificate shows a unique identifier and QR code that allow you to authenticate your certification online (Icon 'Validate Certificate' in the menu bar). In addition, you also receive a digital logo that you can use to promote your certification. This logo is also stored in your account.