Effective project development relies on smooth collaboration and accurate team supervision.

The "Members" tab in the "Platform Management" dashboard serves as your control center to facilitate team expansion and allocate roles, streamlining the path toward project success. Keep reading to discover how to invite a new user and assign new roles.


Invite a new user

Click on 'Invite Members' button to initiates a three-step process:

  1. Enter the email addresses of the user you wish to invite.
  2. Choose their user rights—Member, Admin, or External.
  3. Compose a custom message for the invite email, then click 'Invite' to send.

Their status will show as pending until they accept the invitation by clicking the link on the email and then logging in/creating an account on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Each user will need a 3DSwymer role to access your platform. You will need unassigned 3DSwymer roles to invite new members unless you invite external users who connect with their own 3DSwymer license. Some roles may be restricted due to a 30-day block or are all currently in use. Hover over the File:Infobox info icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons view role granting and expiration dates.


Assigning roles to a user

Every user profile includes an File:Infobox info icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons  button displaying their assigned roles. Click on "View all" to see the full list of available roles. Easily manage roles by checking or unchecking the corresponding box next to each role.

- Some roles may be restricted due to a 30-day block or are all currently in use. Hover over the information icon to view role granting and expiration dates.

Ready to select you new team member's solution?

Take a look at the starter kits for new users available on the 3DEXPERIENCE store

Looking to expand your existing users capabilities?

Discover new functionalities in our roles catalog to enlarge your existing scope and broaden your capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

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