UAF Comprehensive with Cameo Enterprise Architecture (5 days)


Completion of the 5-Day "SysML Intensive with MBSE Using Cameo Systems Modeler" course.

Course Overview

  • This course is designed for experienced systems or enterprise architecture modelers with either SysML or UPDM 2.0 modeling experience, practical experience with one or more enterprise architecture frameworks (e.g. DoDAF, MODAF, etc.) and practical experience using No Magic tools (MagicDraw or Cameo bundled suites).

  • This course addresses all UAF Model Kinds and View Specifications focusing on the model elements, relationships, and diagrams. This course does NOT teach the underlying SysML/UML modeling fundamentals, nor does it teach the common/core features of No Magic tools. The hands-on portion will be limited to UAF-specific modeling patterns and language features.


Course Curriculum

Day 1

Module 1 - Getting Started with Cameo Enterprise Architecture

  • Overview of new key features in CEA 19.0

Module 2 - UAF Overview

  • Introduction to Unified Architecture Framework

  • Introduction to Enterprise Architecture

Module 3 - Model Kinds

  • This section of the course describes the model elements, relationships, and diagrams that are applicable to each model kind. It also presents the process (tool-user interface) for creating UAF-specific elements, relationships, and diagrams.

  • Taxonomy (Tx)

  • Structure (Sr)

  • Connectivity (Cn)

  • Processes (Pr)


Day 2

Module 4 - Model Kinds (continued)

  • States (St)

  • Interaction Scenarios (Is)

  • Constraints (Ct)

  • Roadmap (Rm)

  • Traceability (Tr)

  • Information (If)

  • Parametrics (Pm)


Day 3

Module 5 - View Specifications

  • This section of the course describes each view specification and describes the elements, relationships, and diagrams for each model kind that are unique or specific to the view specifications.

  • Operational

  • Resources

  • Strategic

  • Personnel


Day 4

Module 6 - View Specifications (continued)

  • Security

  • Projects

  • Services

  • Standards


Day 5

Module 7 - View Specifications (continued)

  • Actual Resources

  • Dictionary

  • Requirements

  • Summary & Overview

Module 8 - Wrap Up

  • Course Review

  • Feedback Session

  • Questions & Answers