Simulation Toolkit with Cameo Systems Modeler (5 days)

Course Overview

  • This course is designed for experienced systems engineers with practical experience applying SysML and using No Magic tools (MagicDraw or Cameo bundled suites.)

  • This course addresses the fundamental principles of simulation and model execution along with user interface and detailed use of Simulation Toolkit. The course begins with Static Execution (parametrics) and then advances to dynamic execution along with generation of a simulation user interface to control the simulation and view run-time values.

  • This is an advanced course. It does NOT include review of SysML fundamental. The labs are created to challenge students’ understanding of modeling principles and the Cameo tool interface.


Course Curriculum

Day 1

Module 01 - Simulation Overview

  • Course Overview

  • Simulation Overview

  • Constructive vs. Virtual

  • Deterministic vs. Stochastic

  • Discrete vs. Continuous

  • Monte Carlo

Module 02 - Simulation Toolkit Basics

  • Simulation Toolkit Basics

  • Cameo Simulation Toolkit User Interface

  • Simulation Context and Run-Time Values

Module 03 - Static Simulation

  • Constraints Blocks and Parametric Diagrams

  • Lab #1


Day 2

Module 04 - Simulation Configuration

  • Analysis with Instance Tables

  • Lab #2

  • System Modeling Pattern and Workflow for Simulation

  • Simulation Configuration, Time and Clocks

  • Dynamic Time Step Simulation and Passing Values

  • Lab #3


Day 3

  • Module 05—Simulation Elements

  • Complete Lab #3

  • User Interface Modeling

  • Simulation Diagram Elements

  • User Interface Diagram Modeling Elements

  • Lab #4


Day 4

  • Module 06—Monte Carlo Simulation and Lab

  • Monte Carlo Analysis

  • Lab #5


Day 5

  • Module 07—Action Language Helper

  • Instructor Led Demo

  • Wrap Up

  • Course Review

  • Feedback Session

  • Questions & Answers