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JS Tech, a South Korean supplier of automotive HVAC controller, adopted Bid to Win on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to standardize its product development process and manage design data more effectively across multiple sites.

Expediting success in automotive air conditioning

Just twenty years after its inception, Korea-based HVAC controller manufacturer JS Tech became a tier-one supplier to global automaker Hyundai-Kia Motors Corporation (HKMC).

How did the company achieve this remarkable feat? JS Tech believes its success is a direct result of its commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and high-quality products.

In fact, JS Tech has an overall goal of using the latest processes and technologies to achieve zero defects in its finished products. Its ultimate vision is to be a world-leading provider to the automotive industry and it aims to do this by investing in design innovation, technology innovation and its people.

This is proving to be an effective strategy: today JS Tech is attracting new business from automotive customers across the globe, leading to steady growth year-on-year.

South Korea-based JS Tech is a leading designer and manufacturer of air conditioning components for the automotive industry.


A growing business like JS Tech requires a technology platform that can scale with it. Already using ENOVIA SmarTeam, the company realized it needed more than a simple data repository to better manage its design data.

With a growing product portfolio, and an increasingly distributed team, JS Tech needed to standardize its product development process to collaborate more. It also wanted quicker access to the most up-to-date files to minimize design errors and eliminate the chance of manufacturing the wrong parts – all while reducing development costs.

As a result, JS Tech sought a single integrated platform that could provide centralized access to up-to-date product information and design files. The platform needed to handle not just mechanical parts but electrical parts as well. It also needed the capability to manage complex requirements for bills of materials (BOMs), effectively handle design changes and facilitate efficient project management while enabling better collaboration between team members and departments across multiple locations.


When Rich & Time, a Korea-based Dassault Systèmes’ business partner, presented the Bid to Win industry solution experience on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, JS Tech’s decision-makers knew without a doubt that this was what they needed to resolve their pain points regarding cost and customization.

Bid to Win delivers industry-proven tools such as CATIA and ENOVIA to help businesses design, engineer, validate and manufacture their products while improving customer satisfaction. The platform’s cost efficiency, as well as its collaboration benefits and overall functionality, were particularly attractive, and so was its ability to manage both mechanical and electrical parts in a single integrated solution.

Existing out-of-the-box features, such as design data integration and revision control met the needs of the designers. This meant that JS Tech was able to deploy the solution instantly, without further configuration.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is our real-time collaborative system which has helped us to reduce manufacturing design lead time, facilitate data management and work more efficiently as we realize a 14% reduction in our costs.

Choongho Lee - JS Tech - Dassault Systemes
Choongho Lee


Implementing Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform has given JS Tech an integrated solution that provides a centralized, single source of truth for employees working across multiple sites. To ensure the platform was used to its full potential, Rich & Time ran monthly enablement sessions for key staff.

With ENOVIA on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the product development process is now standardized, and an intellectual asset management system has been established, eliminating redundant tasks. With all employees having real-time access to up-to-date design files and other key data, working practices are more efficient and collaboration is much improved.

Using the platform’s dashboards, key stakeholders across various locations can check the live status of a project and ensure timely delivery using the platform’s product schedule management.

Using CATIA for mechanical design, including part design, assembly design and surface design, design quality is much improved and revisions management is simple.

By digitizing manual BOMs, JS Tech staff can more accurately manage specifications. This has led to a 20% decrease in the number of design changes required and a 13% reduction in the amount of rework required after a product has been manufactured.

In addition, since existing components can easily be reused in new designs, the entire design process is now much more efficient. This has led to a 5% reduction in design and development costs.

All this has resulted in faster project development and a 14% cost reduction overall – positive changes that have led the JS Tech team to consider adopting SIMULIA for electromagnetic simulation in the near future.

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Focus on JS Tech

Established in 2001 by industry stalwarts with a strong background in automotive HVAC, Korea-based JS Tech is a leading designer and manufacturer of air conditioning parts for the automotive industry.

Today, JS Tech employs 300 people across multiple locations and has revenue in excess of €70 million. The company prides itself on its ability to provide innovative products that are both high quality and competitively priced. These include climate control units, motor actuators, blower resistors and electrical components.

For more information: j-stech.com/en/

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Focus on Rich & Time

Korea-based Rich & Time has provided IT services for over 15 years and has been certified as an excellent and growing enterprise four years in a row. The team comprises IT infrastructure and PLM services experts with years of combined experience. Rich & Time also ensures competitiveness by investing in R&D to continually to provide a greater variety and wide range of services, based on business areas and IT needs.