Dixi Polytool

Dixi Polytool chose DELMIA Ortems to optimize productivity and quality while guaranteeing the best lead time.

DIXI Polytool

DIXI Polytool is a company established in Le Locle (canton of Neuchâtel in Switzerland) for more than 70 years.

With a 24/7 production workshop, it quickly became essential for DIXI Polytool to equip an efficient production and scheduling solution. DIXI Polytool is a creator of precision cutting tools in solid carbide, diamond, form tools and precision reamers. The sectors of its activity are varied: watchmaking, medical, screw-cutting, aeronautics, automotive, or the sector of the machining of plastics. With its 170 employees and 200 machines (automatic and manual), DIXI Polytool is constantly innovating and is active on the European and Swiss markets.


With a production workshop that operates 24/7, it quickly became essential to have an efficient planning and scheduling solution (APS).

In order to optimize productivity and quality while guaranteeing the best lead time, the Dixi Polytool team chose to equip itself with DELMIA Ortems.


DELMIA Ortems has been implemented for 4 years for the production workshop in Le Locle. By crossing ERP data, this solution allows to give reliable planning objectives in order to give the best lead time to internal and external customers. DIXI Polytool's activity consists of 60% standard products (available in e-shop and deliverable in less than 24 hours) and 40% specific customer requests.

On a daily basis, the solution provides a clear vision of the production workshops based on planning and production objectives. It also allows keeping an eye on the load and the capacity, thus allowing to make the machines installation as profitable as possible.

Partner Project

Visiativ has been supporting DIXI Polytool in its projects for over 4 years. According to the DIXI team, Visiativ has been able to understand their know-how, their requirements and support them in their development. The partnership continues with the implementation of DELMIA Ortems on the 2nd production site in Switzerland (currently under construction), as well as a 3rd site in Germany.

The production workshop works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is therefore essential to be able to plan and schedule our supply and the manufacture of our products. In order to work as efficiently as possible, to guarantee the best lead time to our customers while optimizing our productivity. That's why we chose the DELMIA Ortems solution as our scheduling and planning software.

Sylvain Bournez
DIXI Polytool

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