Industrial Equipment Podcast: How customer specific virtual twins empower Equipment-as-a-Service

Tune in and find out how with customer-specific virtual twin experiences, Industrial Equipment OEMs can easily meet unique service requirements.

The customer-specific virtual twins can critically enable field operations efficiency in four key areas:

  • Improved customer satisfaction: Through better operational monitoring, OEMs will be able to identify machine faults and breakages before they happen, resolve breakdowns faster and continually help to prevent production bottlenecks leading to greater reliability across the production line.
  • Knowledge and know-how capitalization: by leveraging end-to-end visibility and a single source of truth on the platform, OEMs can easily make data-backed decisions to improve dependencies between departments and organizations. In turn, this practice fosters operational agility.
  • Greater profitability: EaaS opens up new revenue streams in more profitable areas of the business for OEMs, such as aftersales services. As part of this, they can ramp up profits from selling spare parts and equipment upgrades.
  • Enhanced sustainability: A greater focus on durability, repair and reuse will lead to longer machinery operating lifecycles, less overall energy consumption and reduced waste.

Customer specific virtual twins and EAAS

In this podcast our guests provide an overview on how  customer specific virtual twins can enable the transition to EAAS business model.

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Meet Our Speakers

Arvind Krishnan

Industry Analyst, Lifecycle Insights

Philippe Bartissol

Industrial Equipment Vice President, Dassault Systèmes