Technology-driven trends are radically changing how we get to work and get work done. Autonomous vehicles are already driving on city streets and highways and working on farms and in mines, while the rise of electric vehicles is just one arm of a larger movement toward environmental sustainability. 

Along with the rise of a variety of new vehicles with complex tire needs, the overall demand for car tires, truck tires and airplane tires is increasing sharply: Vehicle miles are expected to double to 20 trillion by 2030. It’s time to rethink the way we make tires to ensure a smooth, safe, sustainable ride into the future.

Gain Traction: 5 Key Treads for the Future of Tire Manufacturing

The transformation of transportation presents new and sizable challenges for tire manufacturers — but also exciting opportunities to innovate, grow and lead. Learn about five key treads that will give tire manufacturers a sure grip on the road ahead.

Tire Manufacturers Need Solutions for Today’s Challenges

With the tire industry undergoing major transformation and with competition increasing, it is essential that manufacturers innovate to stay ahead. But manual processes and disconnected tools are innovation roadblocks, causing duplicated effort and time-wasting errors. By connecting tire design and simulation on Dassault Systèmes’ seamlessly integrated and collaborative 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, tire manufacturers can hit the accelerator on innovation.

Another challenge tire manufacturers face is cost reduction. From raw materials to research and development, a lot of resources go into making a tire. One way that tire manufacturers are creating major cost savings is by testing prototype tires in the high-fidelity virtual environment of SIMULIA, rather than on a test track. Virtual testing also speeds up performance evaluation, improving time to market.

“Testing prototype tires in a high-fidelity virtual environment, rather than on a track, delivers major savings.”

Performance is always a priority for tire manufacturers. But performance means different things to different tire customers: precision handling, safety, better MPG, feather-light weight, minimal noise. Using the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, it’s easy to respond to a wide variety of customer demands faster and more effectively with a connected process, supply chain optimization and NETVIBES AI-powered social listening. 

Environmental sustainability is another key priority for consumers, governments, and industry. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables tire manufacturers to accelerate innovation when it comes to green tires, utilizing best-in-class CATIA design tools to optimize weight, rolling resistance and durability, even incorporating sustainable raw materials such as vegetable oils or natural alternatives to synthetic rubber. 

Do You Have Traction for the Road Ahead?

As you look at the road forward for the tire industry, are you confident in excellent performance? We can help your business zoom past the competition with 3D design, simulation, social listening, and product lifecycle management on a single, collaborative platform: 3DEXPERIENCE.

Let's get rolling.

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