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Efficient Deliveries Through Integrated Logistics

Recent global disruptions necessitate a reset for supply chain and logistics services to deliver more efficiently. Integrated logistics on the right digital platform holds the answer.

Connect Digitally to Get Ahead

By 2025, volatile global conditions will drive 75% of business leaders to leverage digital platforms and their capabilities to adapt value chains to new markets, industries and ecosystems. For the increasingly fragmented supply chain and logistics industry, an integrated digital platform equals faster and more efficient deliveries.

By connecting all essential systems from end to end, companies gain greater visibility and flexibility to bridge efficiency gaps, optimize planning and boost performance. In the Insider's Guide, industry experts delve into the value that end-to-end digitalization brings to supply chain and logistics management.

Connected for Progress, Integrated for Excellence

Discover a strategic digital advantage to help you navigate challenges and accelerate progress.

Optimize Performance With Technology

Should faster fulfillment of orders come at a cost? When driven by cutting-edge technologies, it should not have to. Integrated logistics harness the power of artificial intelligence, the virtual twin, machine learning algorithms, IoT and sensor-based technologies to improve processes, optimize performance and resources, reduce wastage and drive higher efficiencies while keeping costs in check.

In addition, integrated logistics enables companies to optimize performance by overcoming disruptions with speed and accuracy. For example, artificial intelligence generates better insights for smarter decision-making and provides client intelligence data to mitigate customer delivery issues. Simulation on the virtual twin helps companies respond and restore order quickly without losing time and money while providing a safer and more cost-effective way to explore and test innovative solutions to new challenges.

The infographic below highlights the immediate payoffs from a digital transformation.

Enhance Efficiency on a Single Platform

Throughout the delivery journey, hundreds of endpoints need to be managed in a supply chain across picking, logistics systems, payments, scheduling, compliance, and so on. The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform connects these systems from end to end in a single environment to offer complete visibility on what goes on at any point of a consignment's journey. That way, companies can deliver efficiency at every point – from the first to the last mile.

By sharing real-time data across value networks, companies can:

  • Plan dynamic route optimization to avoid delays and reduce carbon footprint
  • Implement better logistics management processes to save cost and ensure on-time and in-full deliveries
  • Produce accurate supply chain analytics to help predict demand, reduce late shipments, avoid stockouts and give companies better control of their profitability
  • Enhance worker efficiency, increase job satisfaction and create a safer working environment

With its vast potential and capabilities, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform could very well be the only platform companies need to unlock more personalized delivery experiences, turn speed into an advantage, and improve revenue and business outcomes.

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