Transparency, Accuracy and Reliability

What are the pillars of our Group-wide environmental policy?

3 key words driving our sustainability strategy

Dassault Systèmes helps its customers reduce their impact on the environment, and is also dedicated to measuring and reducing its own impact. Also, 3DS participates in consortiums with the European Commission in order to define a specific methodology to assess GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emissions for software editors.

Transparency, accuracy and reliability underpin the 3DS approach to environmental management. Our Environmental Report is the formal expression of our commitment to ensure that our activities are conducted by respecting the environment.

  • Transparency: For the last three years, Dassault Systèmes has worked to extend its reporting scope, from 30% of employee coverage  in 2009 to more than 80% of employee coverage in 2012. In accordance with its Financial and Social Reports, Dassault Systèmes is dedicated including all departments and locations.
  • Reliability: While extending its reporting scope, Dassault Systèmes works to improve the reliability of its environmental data. A first internal environmental audit was performed in 2012 (for FY 2011), and from 2013 (for FY 2012), the environmental audit will be performed by a third party.
  • Accuracy: Extending the reporting scope and working on the reliability of the environmental data aim to improve data quality. Not only we strive to improve environmental reporting process, but we also contribute to consortia to improve environmental impact assessment.