Environmental Performance

How do we assess the environmental performance of our activities?

Methodology to assess our worldwide environmental performance

  • To analyze its carbon footprint on a global basis, Dassault Systèmes uses the GreenHouse Gas (GHG) Protocol. This method of evaluation of greenhouse gas effects was launched in 2001 by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the World Resource Institute (WRI). It was developed through a partnership among businesses, non-governmental organizations and governments in order to create a common framework for accounting and reporting, measurement tools and actions to resist climate change.
  • The GHG Protocol divides the operational perimeter of greenhouse gas emissions of an organization as follows:
    • Scope 1: direct emissions resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels from resources owned or controlled by the enterprise,
    • Scope 2:  indirect emissions resulting from the purchase or production of electricity,
    • Scope 3: all other indirect emissions, from the extended supply chain to transport of goods and persons.

Methodology to assess our environmental impact in France

  • To report its France GHG emissions, Dassault Systèmes uses the Bilan carbone methodology

Definition of a global methodology to evaluate GHG emissions for the software sector

Dassault Systèmes is strongly committed to contribute to the evolution of carbon calculation methodology for the software sector. 
For example, in 2012, Dassault Systèmes participated to the ICT Pilot Project. This pilot Project tested two standards for measuring GHG emissions for ICT Companies. Dassault Systèmes is aware of the evolution of the carbon calculation for its software sector, and actively participated in this project.