Environmental Management System

How do we manage our environmental impact?


3DS has developed a governance model plan, suitable with its activities, at worldwide level.

Sustainability Leader

In each geographic region, the Sustainability Leader is in charge of reducing the environmental footprint and pushing for local green initiatives in his/her region.

Green team

The Green Team works with the sustainability leader of the region. They increase awareness of local recycling, organize special events such as  internal sustainability seminars and environmental video screenings and roll out sustainability initiatives such as community clean-ups, bike to work challenges, electronic waste recycling drives, and communications about alternative commute possibilities.

For example in North America, the Green Team reduced paper consumption by using electronic delivery for Finance.

Educating employees about environmental protection

Dassault Systèmes pursues an on-going policy of internal awareness via presentations of actions and technologies to foster understanding of environmental challenges by employees ultimately leading to the reduction of the environmental impact of the Company’s activities.

3DS Global Green Team Community

Based on the 3DSWYM community platform, the 3DS Global Green Team Community expands the 3DS sustainability strategy: all 3DS employees worldwide are connected to each other and contribute to the strategy.

Thanks to this community, employees share green best practices, environmental initiatives, and information about the environmental report both at Corporate & Local level.



Environmental Policy

To reduce its environmental impact 3DS defined an environmental policy at the Group level. This environmental policy is related to:


  • Travel policy

Dassault Systèmes’ travel policy limits the impact of business travel on the environment. For example, under this policy, employees are encouraged to give preference to meetings by conference call and video conference rather than by physical travel. They are also required to choose environmental friendly travel transportation mode.

  • Recycling plan

Dassault Systèmes strives to implement in each location where it is present paper and plastic recycling.

  • IT equipment policy

Recycling of computer equipment is handled by recycling businesses or associations ensuring proper end-of-life of equipments through waste electrical and electronic equipment programs.

Datacenter virtualization: Dassault Systèmes has a strong virtualization strategy with 80% of the servers at its principal data center already virtualized. For equivalent capacity, the virtualization of the data center generated a 14% savings in energy consumption in 2011 and a 25% savings in 2010.