Course Overview

  • This course will teach users how to work with projects in Teamwork Cloud.

  • This class is intended for project administrators to learn how to utilize multiple projects to create a larger integrated project.

Day 1

Module 01 - Teamwork Cloud Introduction

  • Teamwork Cloud Introduction

    • Collaborative Modeling

    • Version Control

    • Branching

    • Merging

    • Roll backs


Module 02 – Overview of Collaboration Features in Teamwork Cloud

  • Description of menu items

  • Use cases covered

    • Comparing projects

    • Saving Offline

    • Update from local project

    • Used project impact Analysis


Module 03 – Collaborative Modeling

  • Locking

  • Lock Free editing (19.0 sp3 and beyond)

  • Commits

    • Tags


Module 04 – Additional features

  • Element Level History

  • Change Sets

  • Package level permissions



Module 05 – Project Architecture

  • Project Usages

  • Project Import

  • 7 tenets of Project usages

  • Moving elements to used projects

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