Course Overview

  • This course will teach SysML in language order (blocks first) within a 5-day lecture and includes a hands-on practical exercise after each module, followed by a 2-day MBSE Lab.

  • This course will go deeper into the SysML language and does not include the MagicGrid framework.

  • This course is intended for students with strong systems engineering background and an established systems engineering process.

Day 1

Module 01 - Course Introduction

  • Course Introduction


Module 02 - Introduction to SysML

  • What is SysML

  • Overview of Diagrams

  • Overview of MBSE

  • Overview of Frameworks


Module 03 - Block Definition Diagram (Part 1)

  • Block Definition Diagram

  • Blocks

    •     Structural Features

    •     Behavioral Features

  • Modeling with BDDs in CSM


Module 04 - Packages and Model Structure

  • Package Diagram

  • Packages and Namespace

  • System Architecture vs Model Architecture

  • Specialized Packages

  • Common Practices

  • Modeling with Packages in CSM


Module 05 - Block Definition Diagram (Part 2)

  • Relationships

  • Ports

  • Other Kinds of Blocks (Value Types, Interface Blocks, Constraints, Actors)

  • Modeling with Ports and Other Kinds of Blocks in CSM

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