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Unleash your imagination and develop your professional capabilities in collaborative working, project management, data management, 3D design, simulation, and more.
Each offer comes with a full package that includes Certification with a Digital Badge that you can share on social networks (in addition to learning materials, software and community access).

What are the benefits of engineering certification?

By getting certified you demonstrate your expertise and prove your capability to differentiate yourself from the others in today’s increasingly competitive job market.

Certification brings credibility to your Curriculum Vitae, leading to significant opportunities for career growth.

It is a key success factor to obtain better paid job opportunities and increased recognition.


Key benefits are:
●  Increased employability and better job opportunities.
●  Better paid jobs and salary increase
●  Career recognition within the company and among peers
●  Certification demonstrates expertise and qualifies you for specific roles.


Are you in? Boost your profile with our digital badges!

Most of our certifications can unlock a digital badge to assess your certification and help boost your employability.


Access job postings and find a job in synch with your newly acquired skills

Share your achievements on social networks

Get visibility

Promote yourself with a verifiable digital object

Digital badges are portable, verifiable, and uniquely linked to you. They also ensure that your hard-earned achievement is truly yours!

Promote your skills to your social & professional network by sharing your digital badges in one click from the Credly’s Acclaim platform. Peers and employers can verify and learn more about what you can now do thanks to your new Dassault Systèmes certification.


Boost your career and find new opportunities with Dassault Systèmes' digital badges now!

Other certifications available

You require even more advanced certifications? Discover the Associate & Professional certifications.

Associate certifications

Attests the acquisition of knowledge and skills during learning activities, on demand

  • Difficulty: knowledge-based
  • How to: Self-proctored exams available from 3DEXPERIENCE© Edu Space portal

Professional certifications

Attests the capacity to perform in a job role in a professional environment

  • Difficulty: A minimum of 3 months of regular practice is strongly recommended
  • How to: Delivered online at one of our authorized Certification Centers in a proctored environment

SOLIDWORKS certification

SOLIDWORKS certifications can be used as a benchmark to measure your knowledge and competency with SOLIDWORKS software.

CATIA V5 & other solutions

Discover our Associate & Expert certifications for CATIA V5 & other solutions like DELMIA Apriso.


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