“With a sensible and sustainable design approach,
we power the transformation of your innovation process.”


We design and prototype desirable futures.

Dassault Systèmes’ DESIGNStudio supports the transformation of your innovation process, creating a digital culture that’s focused on user experience.

Our consultancy supports all types of disruptive initiatives. Over the last seven years, we’ve built our expertise across a wide range of industry sectors and developed our system design approach that we call 360° innovation. Largely based on Design Thinking, it encompasses future use, brand identity, technical opportunities, and business directions that are all necessary for monetizing new products and services.

Making decisions that define the future is always difficult. We help you through this process by bringing innovations to life with prototypes and a complete product scenario that integrates the viewpoints of users and other stakeholders.


An innovation by design consultancy helping companies with...


Shape and share the vision of their new business, next offer or future customer experience.


Co-create, prototype and experiment innovative projects with a lean and "make it happen" attitude.


Accelerate digital adoption through user and employee experience, and AR/VR technologies.


Our capabilities are scalable in expertise and scope through a large and diversified network.




Reinvent your future

Five clients, from three industries, recently asked us the same question: how could we imagine a coherent and relevant future and, at the same time, start to transform the way they innovate. Understanding previous success and failure factors enabled us to adapt our 360° innovation approach to each context.

We base our creative workshops on our TTAT™ (Today Tomorrow After Tomorrow) foresight perspective, using experts from our network and participation from different departments of Dassault Systèmes. Our method enables a real diversity of profiles to work together in intense sessions of questioning, diverging, and finally converging to produce and prototype early scenarios of future implementations. In addition to storytelling assets to share the vision internally, we also produce experience system models that facilitate decision making and make the transition towards coherent conception.


Experience Thinking in action

Combining Design and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Dassault Systèmes Social Ideation Industry Solution Experience enables exciting opportunities for open innovation.

Challenged by fast-changing markets, organisations are looking for ways to strengthen their competitiveness. The DESIGNStudio can help them reinvent their future, with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, connecting in-house and external experts, all the way to making the vision tangible.

Together, we deliver more relevant innovation, better capitalised and faster.


Reach new dimensions

The Internet of Things, where drones play an important role, opens the gates to a new era for industrialization and innovation, offering organizations the possibility to automatically collect and analyze data from connected devices, sensors, and machines.

The DESIGNStudio collaborated with Dassault Systèmes’ R&D department to develop a new drone, focusing on new functionalities and services modeled and simulated on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform


3D to imagine the unthinkable and be convinced

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses

Henry Ford

Designers strive to understand human beings because their product use and preferences are driving forces for innovation. In this way, designers can organize their proposals around users, not around pre-existing or lingering systems.

The DESIGNStudio observes the evolution of mobility and the consequences on quality of life. People’s behaviors and their deepest needs have a strong effect on the success of companies’ efforts. We encourage our clients to step into other people’s shoes to see from their viewpoint, and think about how products and services can integrate and adapt to different lifestyles.

Imagined by the DESIGNStudio, the Modul’Hab—a modular and scalable solution for mixed housing using cable transport—allowed us to highlight how virtual environments can bring alternatives forward, combining technological, social, and environmental progress.


For seven years, the DESIGNStudio has worked with the EIFFAGE sustainable development team on three key criteria: feasibility (can be achieved in a foreseeable future, within different timeframes), viability (can be integrated in a mid- to long-term economic model strategically relevant to the company), and desirability (corresponds to people’s expectations and unspoken needs).



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