Dassault Systèmes Providence Campus

Located in Johnston, the campus has been LEED-certified, demonstrating the company’s commitment to conserving national resources.

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1301 Atwood Ave Johnston RI
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Green Building

We used the globally recognized LEED standard to assess the green building practices of our Commercial Interior design, such as:

  • Of our building materials, and our furniture, fixtures and equipment throughout the facility, fully 19% were made using recycled material from post-consumer and post-industrial sources
  • Our waste undergoes mixed recycling, where plastic and glass containers, metal cans and foil, cartons, paper, and  cardboard are collected for recycling
  • Considering all of our computers, monitors and servers, and other appliances, over 90% are ENERGY STAR rated for high energy efficiency
  • High-efficiency lighting and sensors allow us to reduce the energy required to light the building by 17%
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures and automatic faucets reduce water usage by more than 40%
  • We provide outdoor and secure indoor bike racks, changing rooms and showers, and an accessory storage room to support bicycle commuters. We also provide training and support to encourage more people to cycle to work
  • To reduce their travel footprint, we sourced over 40% of our furniture, fixtures and equipment from within a 500-mile radius during the interior build-out. Our cafeteria continues this tradition by growing and purchasing food locally
  • This campus offsets 50% of its power usage  (over 600 Megawatt-Hours) through the purchase of renewable energy credits (RECs). Our green power purchase avoids emitting 350 tons of CO2, the equivalent of planting 1,600 trees or avoiding 400,000 miles driven every year
  • The wood used in our building materials was harvested from sustainably managed forests to protect against deforestation. Of the wood used, more than 80% was certified to the Forest Stewardship Council global standard
  • We ventilate the building with ample fresh air and have used paints and coatings that meet the Green Seal standard for low emissions of volatile organic compounds to maintain a high indoor air quality
  • All of the carpeting used in the building meets the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus, and all of the hard flooring meets the FloorScore reference standard, to maintain a high indoor air quality
  • We offset 50% of our power usage (over 600 MWh) through the purchase of renewable energy credits (RECs), which avoids emitting 350 tons of CO2, or the equivalent of planting 1,600 trees or avoiding 400,000 miles driven annually
  • During construction, we diverted 80% of the construction waste from landfill through recycling and reuse

Sustainable Practices

The 3DS Corporate sustainability strategy is composed by 3 pillars:

  • Responsible Company : drive and reduce our environmental impact
  • Responsible Employee : engage People to our sustainability strategy
  • Responsible Partner : encourage recycling and choose partners committed in sustainability


Dassault Systèmes implemented sustainability objectives to reduce its environmental impacts related to building and energy performance. Thus, 3DS strives to move into high efficient energy performance buildings by preferring green building certification, especially LEED.

 The 3DS Providence Campus in Johnston, RI has taken several steps to reflect the company’s dedication to sustainability. For example:

  • There are preferred spaces in the parking lot for low-emission vehicles, as well as a secure bike room, preventing 1 ton of CO2 per commuter-year
  • We supply reusable cups, plates, and flatware throughout the building, which prevents the use of 200,000 paper cups alone each year
  • We have single-stream recycling, which includes plastics, metals, glass, paper and corrugated cardboard
  • The scraps from food preparation and tray returns in the cafeteria are collected and gathered for composting; we also collect and compost the coffee pods, food scraps, and paper towels in the hub and coffee stations
  • Our Badge-In Printing system saves an estimated 200 reams of paper (about 12 trees) every year by preventing mis-prints or “print and forget” scenarios
  • We have an on-site pond and a wildflower meadow that features native flowers that attract birds and insects to the area, to ensure a healthy natural ecosystem
  • Our irrigation sprinklers draw water from the on-site pond, reducing the demand on the city’s fresh water and water table

The Providence Campus is the headquarters of the 3DS SIMULIA Brand. Simulation software, such as the Apps offered by SIMULIA, is a key to Sustainable Innovation for our customers. For example, Amcor used SIMULIA to redesign its products, cutting resin costs and product carbon footprint by 27%.

 Also, Dassault Systèmes creates awareness about sustainability among its People. The Providence Green Team has been active since 2011 and works with our Facilities and Human Resources teams to launch green initiatives every year. For example, in 2015, the Providence Green Team educated people  about recycling, collected personal electronic waste, and launched a bike-to-work program to encourage people to commute to the Campus by bike to reduce their carbon footprint.

Finally, as a software developer, the Group is careful about the recycling of its IT equipment and ensures with its partners that its IT equipment is properly recycled.

3DS Providence Campus in Figures

  • 8,805 square meters of office space
  • 350 employees and contractors

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