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From Digital Mock-up to 3DEXPERIENCE



With the acquisition of U.S.-based Medidata and its clinical and commercial solutions, Dassault Systèmes will reinforce its position as a science-based company.


Acquisition of IQMS, a leading manufacturing ERP software company. With the acquisition of California-based IQMS, Dassault Systèmes extends the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to small and midsized manufacturing companies seeking to digitally transform their busine


3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace

Dassault Systèmes introduces an online ecosystem for industrial services and content providers as disruptive as the first retail marketplace


Acquisition of No Magic

Dassault Systèmes Strengthens Foothold in Systems Engineering to Facilitate New Connected Experiences by acquiring No Magic, leader in model-based systems engineering, and modeling solutions for software architecture and business processes

Boeing Partnership

Boeing signed a 30-year contract worth a billion dollars, renewable every 10 years and extends its use of Dassault Systèmes to include 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for manufacturing operations management and product lifecycle management

Acquisition of Majority Stake in Outscale

Dassault Systèmes strengthens its position as one of the fastest growing cloud companies.

Acquisition of Exa Corporation

Dassault Systèmes is to acquire Exa Corporation and strengthens its simulation portfolio with next generation Fluid Dynamics Capabilities on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform


Acquisition of Ortems

Expansion of the Company’s DELMIA’s manufacturing portfolio with the acquisition of Ortems, focused on production planning and scheduling.

Acquisition of CST

Extension of SIMULIA’s multi-physics, multi-scale offer with the acquisition of CST, a technology leader in electromagnetic simulation, and the addition of Next Limit Dynamics, bringing capabilities in computational fluid dynamics simulation.


Acquisition of Modelon GmbH

CATIA’s capabilities were expanded with the acquisition of Modelon GmbH, an expert in “ready-to-experience” content for systems modeling and simulation which are strategic to transform the Transportation & Mobility industry.

Change from French public limited company to European company

Dassault Systèmes completed the change of the legal status of the parent company. The adoption of the status of European company well reflected the international dimension of the Company and its growing presence throughout Europe.



Joining the DELMIA brand, Quintiq helps industries and service providers across the world of operations to make the best decisions, further enabling the Dassault Systèmes goal of harmonizing product nature and life.

Dassault Systèmes introduces BIOVIA

Creation of a new brand, BIOVIA, dedicated to Virtual Biosphere and Materials, provides global, collaborative product lifecycle experiences to transform scientific innovation, with the acquisition of Accelrys.


Acquisition of Archivideo

Expansion of the resources and planet modeling through the acquisition of Archivideo to enrich the GEOVIA applications.

Acquisition of Apriso

3DEXPERIENCE Platform embraces global manufacturing operations management with the acquisition of Apriso, a leading provider of manufacturing software solutions.


Creation of a new brand GEOVIA

Creation of a new brand, GEOVIA, dedicated to model our planet, focus on a new industrial sector, Natural Resources, with the acquisition of Gemcom Software International Inc. ("Gemcom") in the mining sector.


Expansion of the Company's strategy to 3DEXPERIENCE.

Acquisition of Netvibes

Acquisition of Netvibes, bringing intelligent dashboarding capabilities, and SquareClock, providing cloud-based 3D space planning solutions.

First Industry Solution Experiences

Introduction of the Company's first Industry Solution Experiences


Acquisition of Intercim

DELMIA's offering expanded with the acquisition of Intercim.

Acquisition of Enginuity

ENOVIA's industry offering for formula-based industries expanded with the acquisition of Enginuity.

Dassault Systèmes and Amazon Web Services

Dassault Systèmes and Amazon Web Services (AWS) enter into a Cloud services agreement.


Acquisition of IBM PLM

The Company acquires full control of its distribution sales channels with the acquisition of IBM PLM, the IBM business unit dedicated exclusively to the marketing, sale and support of the Company's PLM software.

Acquisition of Exalead

Acquisition of Exalead, a French company providing Search Platforms and Search-Based Applications ("SBA") for consumer and business users.

Acquisition of Geensoft

Acquisition of Geensoft, a leading provider of innovative embedded systems development solutions.


Diversification strategy

Diversification strategy targeting 11 industries by signing contracts with Procter & Gamble, Guess and ITER.


Acquisition of Engineous Software

Acquisition of Engineous Software, extending SIMULIA's leadership in Simulation Lifecycle Management solutions.

Microsoft Partner of the Year

2008 Microsoft Partner of the Year for Global ISV Technology Innovation Special Recognition Award.

PLM online for all

Launch of PLM 2.0 - PLM online for all - and introduction of the next generation Version 6 technology to the market.


Amendment of the IBM PLM partnership agreement

Amendment of the IBM PLM partnership agreement, outlining the progressive assumption of full responsibility for the Company's PLM Value Solutions channel.

Creation of the 3DVIA brand

Building upon several years of research and investment 3DVIA was launched to bring 3D technology to new users to imagine, communicate and experience in 3D.

Acquisition of ICEM

Further expanding its product offering for CATIA, the Company also acquired ICEM, a U.K. company well-known in the automotive industry for its styling and high-quality surface modeling and rendering solutions.


Acquisition of MatrixOne

Expansion of the ENOVIA portfolio with the acquisition of MatrixOne, a global provider of collaborative PLM software and services to medium-to-large organizations.

From seven to eleven industries

Expansion of the Company's industry focus from seven to eleven industries.


Creation of the SIMULIA brand

Addressing realistic simulation, representing a significant expansion of the Company's simulation capabilities, leveraging the acquisition of Abaqus, as the core of its realistic simulation offerings and the Company's existing simulation products.

Long-standing distribution agreement with IBM

Sales generated through the long-standing distribution agreement with IBM account for 52% of the Company's total revenues.

Creation of the Company's PLM Value Solutions sales channel

Creation of the Company's PLM Value Solutions sales channel, an indirect channel for the PLM market specifically focused on supporting SMB companies in the PLM market.

Acquisition of Virtools

Acquisition of Virtools, the leading provider of comprehensive software development solutions for building highly interactive 3D content


Strategic partnership with Boeing

Strategic partnership with Boeing, creating the Global Collaborative Environment (GCE) virtual platform for Boeing and its suppliers for the development of the revolutionary new 787 Dreamliner.


Strategic partnership with Gehry Technologies

Strategic partnership with Gehry Technologies (GT) for development of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions for the building industry.

Wins major automotive industry contracts

Wins major automotive industry contracts (BMW Group, Ford Motor Company) and aerospace industry contracts (AVIC, ENAER, Liebherr).

Leader category of the PLM Magic Quadrant study from Gartner Inc.


Wins contracts with Toyota Motor Corporation and Volvo Group

Wins two contracts : with Toyota Motor Corporation and with Volvo Group.


Wins Sony Corporation contract

Wins Sony Corporation contract - Home Network Company - Home Visual Company


Creation of the DELMIA brand

Creation of the DELMIA brand, addressing the digital manufacturing domain (digital process planning, robotic simulation and human modeling technology).

Acquisition of Spatial

Acquisition of Spatial, a leading developer of 3D software components.

Wins a contract with Airbus S.A. for deployment of CATIA V5


Acquisition of Smarteam

The Company expands its ENOVIA product line with the acquisition of Smarteam focused on product data management for the small and mid-size companies ("SMB") market.

Purchase of Matra Datavision development laboratory

Purchasing of Matra Datavision development laboratory; establishment of DS Provence.

Initial launch of Version 5

Initial launch of Version 5 ("V5"), new architecture software platform for the Product Lifecycle Management market designed for both Windows NT and UNIX environments.


Launch of Dassault Systèmes AC in Germany

Creation of the ENOVIA brand

Creation of the ENOVIA brand, focused on management of CATIA product data with the acquisition of IBM's Product Manager Software.


Acquisition of start-up SolidWorks

Broadening of the Company's 3D design product line to the entry 3D market, with the acquisition of start-up SolidWorks, with a Windows-native architecture, to target principally the 2D to 3D migration opportunity.

Formation of the Company's Professional channel

Formation of the company's professional channel, focused on marketing, sales and support of SolidWorks.

Organization of the Company into two business segments

Organization of the Company into two business segments, process-centric (Product Lifecycle Management), supporting its customers' end-to-end product development process and design-centric (Mainstream/Solidworks).


Initial public offering in Paris and listing on NASDAQ


Bernard Charlès becomes president & CEO of Dassault Systèmes


Expansion of the Company's industry focus to seven industries

Expansion of the Company's industry focus to seven industries, adding fabrication and assembly, consumer goods, high-tech, shipbuilding and energy.

Creates Dassault Systèmes Kabushiki Kaisha

Creation of Dassault Systèmes Kabushiki Kaisha (DS K.K.) in Tokyo, Japan.


Version 4

Version 4 introduced offering a new technology enabling the full digital mock-up of a product, enabling customers to significantly reduce the number of physical prototypes and to have a complete virtual understanding of the product.


Launch of CATIA Version 3

Launch of CATIA Version 3, with AEC functionality on UNIX and mainframe platforms.

CATIA: world's leading application for automotive design


Secures Boeing as a CATIA user

CATIA: world's leading application for aeronautical design

Introduces CATIA Version 2

Introduces CATIA Version 2, which integrates 2D and 3D functions


Introduces CATIA Version 1

Introduces CATIA Version 1 as an add-on product for 3D design, surface modeling and NC programming.


Begins working with major automobile manufacturers

Dassault Systèmes begins working with major automobile manufacturers - BMW, Mercedes and Honda.

Worldwide marketing, sales and support agreement with IBM

Worldwide marketing, sales and support agreement with IBM, beginning of a long-standing partnership.

CATIA is launched

The Company's flagship brand, CATIA, is launched.

Creation of Dassault Systèmes

Creation of Dassault Systèmes to design products in three dimensions through the spin-off of a team of engineers from Dassault Aviation.