An innovative solution for delivering exceptional customer satisfaction.

Transforming Customer Interactions into Profitable Business Growth

Customer questions enter the enterprise from multiple channels, and the data to help answer these questions come through many different systems and technologies. In the end, a CRM solution is called upon to get the job done. However, CRM systems were not designed for customer service interactions, but were created for customer management. This makes it increasingly difficult for contact center and sales agents to effectively answer customer questions, resolve calls the first time, and lower average call lengths--all critical activities to deliver the best service experience possible.

Designed for busy contact center agents and managers who operate directly on the “frontlines” interface between a company and its customers, EXALEAD OneCall is the answer to overcome these challenges.

  • As a complementary solution to your existing CRM, EXALEAD OneCall unlocks the value of data and information spread across company systems, liberating your agents to engage customers in ways previously not possible.

At EXALEAD, our goal is SIMPLE: Deliver the right information, at the right time, and in the most intuitive way possible directly to the agent’s desktop--allowing you to dramatically improve agent-to-customer interactions, retain more customers, and grow your business more profitably!

The EXALEAD OneCall Difference

  • Web-friendly simplicity designed for busy frontline agents
  • Turns customer service interactions into engagements
  • Promotes greater job satisfaction
  • Complements CRM systems
  • Unmatched ROI

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Frederic Louis, Chief Information Officer, Eovi Mcd mutuelle

With a customer engagement system like EXALEAD OneCall, we have a better client-employee experience overall.

Frederic Louis, Chief Information Officer, Eovi Mcd mutuelle

Yves Mao, Global Services Director, Orange-Ivory Coast Telecom

We have recorded a 50% increase in productivity.

Yves Mao, Global Services Director, Orange-Ivory Coast Telecom