ENOVIA SmartTeam Design Express for CATIA

ENOVIA SmarTeam Design Express (SDE) is a comprehensive, secure, and easy-to-use mechanism for information sharing, data management and collaborative design.

The fastest, simplest way to build your PLM on a solid foundation

It enhances your CATIA-based product creation environment by leveraging your team’s professional knowledge, and using a smart, pre-configured methodology to activate this knowledge in order to drive projects quickly to successful completion. Built to promote safe and efficient collaboration within small- and medium-sized design and engineering teams, SDE saves man hours by enabling easy access and simultaneous work on most relevant data units, with strict, built-in control of iterations and document maturity.

  • Out-of-the-box solution for collaborative CATIA design
  • Built-in upgrade path to full PLM functionality
  • Quick-start package for implementation within 10 days

SDE offers today’s CATIA users an outstanding opportunity to increase the value of their investment. SDE improves performance and productivity with

  • A robust data model for collaborative CATIA-based design
  • Smart storage, structuring and securing of product data
  • Comprehensive and transparent tracking of product history

  • Powerful data search mechanisms
  • Version control and revision management
  • Support for re-use of standard parts and designs

  • Outstanding compatibility with support for over 450 visual formats (.iges, .tif, .xls, .doc, .cat, .cgr etc)
  • Best-in-class, native CATIA integration
  • Superior ease of use