CATIA Certification

Live Practice Exams

The exams have been completely revisited to test users' hands-on skills and competencies on CATIA. The scenario-based exams reflect real life design problems. They are available online and run concurrently with CATIA.

The first level exams are intended to test users on the fundamental modeling techniques using CATIA Mechanical Design core products: Part Design, Assembly Design, Surface Design and Drafting, after three to six month training and regular practice. 

These exams are available on CATIA V5 (R19 and higher) and V6R2013X, in multiple languages: Simplified Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Spanish.

Exam Descriptions

Certification Titles

- Each individual exam successfully passed grants a certificate entitled 'Associate'. As a 'Certified CATIA Associate' you have proven your knowledge and skills with CATIA fundamental modeling techniques after initial training and between one to six months of regular practice using CATIA Mechanical Design core products (Part, Assembly and Surface Design and Drafting):


  • 'CATIA Part Design Associate'
  • 'CATIA Assembly Design Associate'
  • 'CATIA Surface Design Associate'.


- When you pass with success two exams, you are granted a certificate entitled 'Specialist'. As a Specialist, you have the proven knowledge and skills to leverage the optimum from CATIA Mechanical Design after solid training and at least 6 months of hands-on work experience:

  • 'CATIA Mechanical Designer Specialist' = CATIA Part Design exam + CATIA Assembly Design exam
  • 'CATIA Mechanical Surface Designer Specialist' = CATIA Part Design exam + CATIA Surface Design exam.

Validating your Certification

When you successfully pass an exam an electronic certificate is automatically generated and stored in your user account.

Electronic certificates are secured. Each certificate shows a unique identifier and QR code that allow you to authenticate your certification online.

In addition, you also receive a label that you can use to promote your certification. This label is also stored in your account.

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Getting Prepared

The exams require serious preparation. In order to get ready for the live exams, we recommend you to follow 

→ Take the training course(s) as specified in the recommended learning path (see picture) and in the exam description. The courses are available online via Companion Learning Space (CLS) or via Academia. They can be used during and after a class, as a complement or as a refresher.

→ After your training, review the topics that were covered and in particular the areas where you could improve. Refer back to your study materials and practice as much as possible, especially on the topics covered in the exams (see exam descriptions).

→ Practice is also possible using the sample exams that are available online. They are meant to give you a better understanding of the exam and question formats. They also give you the opportunity to get familiar with the steps to start an exam. These sample exams are free and accessible anytime via the same platform as the real exams.

Taking an Exam

The exams are delivered online at one of our Authorized Certification Centers in a proctored environment. View or search for one of our Dassault Systèmes Authorized Certification Centers.

If you are a student you should also ask your professor whether your university or school has a private Certification Center where you can take your exam.