3DEXPERIENCE Credentials

The rapid pace of technological change is demanding new skills from today’s workers – skills that employers have difficulty finding due to short supply and intense competition. Business and education leaders recommend that companies adopt the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Through a single, easy-to-use interface, the platform powers their industry processes, based on 3D design, analysis, simulation, and intelligence software in a collaborative, interactive environment.

As a Certified 3DEXPERIENCE platform User, you can boost your career and demonstrate your proficiency in world-leading industry design solutions.

Professional Certifications taken at a Certification Center

Our Professional Certifications attests the capacity to perform in a job role in a professional environment.

The exams are delivered online at one of our authorized Certification Centers in a proctored environment. To book an exam, contact one of our Dassault Systèmes Authorized Certification Centers close to your location.

  • Public centers are run by our Education Partners and open to anybody. 
  • Private centers are Academic Certification Centers, only open to the school or university's students.

If you are a student you should also ask your professor whether your university or school has a Dassault Systèmes Academic Certification Center where you can take the exams.

3DEXPERIENCE Mechanical Designer - Professional

Digital Badge available: Click here to discover how it works

As a certified 3DEXPERIENCE Mechanical Designer - Professional, you have proven your knowledge and skills with CATIA modeling techniques after initial training and a minimum of six months of regular practice using CATIA Mechanical Design core products (Part Design, Assembly Design, and Drafting).

This exam proposes hands-on challenges based on industrial use cases that will require you to design, modify and analyze parts and assemblies. Understanding of design intent and drafting principles is assessed in multiple-choice questions.

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3DEXPERIENCE Function Driven Generative Designer - Professional (Available soon)

Digital Badge available: Click here to discover how it works

As a 3DEXPERIENCE Function Driven Generative Designer - Professional, you have proven your knowledge and skills with augmented designing and additive manufacturing techniques after initial training and a minimum of six months of regular practice using CATIA Function Driven Generative Designer.

This exam has combination of hands-on challenges and multiple-choice questions to assess the fundamental understanding of defining design space, computing optimized shape, studying trade-off and generating conceptual shapes.

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Course Completion Certificates taken Online

Course Completion Certificates on 3DEXPERIENCE roles are self-proctored exams available from 3DEXPERIENCE© Edu SPACE. Business partners may provide access to learning experience libraries, on 3DEXPERIENCE© Edu SPACE, containing these self-proctored exams. Please use the contact buttons on the right to contact them.