Revolutionize Product Definition

The manufacturing definition is a browser-based solution connected to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform which defines, organizes, and communicates design requirements for manufacturing.

Created for designers and engineers to streamline the definition of products in a more integrated and flexible way.

Leverage model-based workflows to create a single source of truth between 2D and 3D definition with annotations, dimensions, and tolerances that always stay up-to-date and synchronized across both forms of definition

Revolutionizing Precision and Efficiency

Experience a paradigm shift in manufacturing processes with our cutting-edge Manufacturing Definition Creator Software. This innovative tool is designed to redefine precision and efficiency in the manufacturing industry. Seamlessly create and refine manufacturing definitions, ensuring accuracy and clarity at every stage of production.

Our software empowers engineers, designers, and manufacturers to streamline the definition process, minimizing errors and maximizing productivity. With intuitive features and a user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly generate comprehensive manufacturing definitions that align seamlessly with your production requirements.

Stay ahead of the curve in the competitive manufacturing landscape by embracing our state-of-the-art software. From defining intricate processes to optimizing workflows, our Manufacturing Definition Creator solution is the key to unlocking a new era of manufacturing excellence. Elevate your operations, reduce lead times, and enhance overall product quality.

Elevate your design potential with SOLIDWORKS 3D drawing and design software

Reduce shop floor inquiries by providing structured views for improved interpretation of design specifications.

Take advantage of a built-in data management and collaboration features on the 3DEXPERIENCE

Effortlessly generate 2D layouts by utilizing existing captured views, annotations, dimensions, and tolerances without additional steps.

Standout Features of Manufacturing Definition

  • Enhance productivity using an integrated 2D and 3D definition system.
  • Streamline GD&T workflows to reduce manufacturing problems.
  • Efficiently organize and review critical data using intuitive, accessible 3D views.
  • Boost productivity and minimize rework with a unified 2D and 3D solution.
  • Prevent errors between model-based and drawing-based practices by employing 3D views on 3D drawings.
  • Facilitate collaboration and ensure stakeholders remain updated through effortless 2D PDF sharing.

Manufacturing Definition Creation is part of the SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

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