Revolutionize 3D Structure Creation

3D Structure Creator is browser-based solution connected to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform providing product developers, mechanical designers and engineers with associative frame design tools.

This solution facilitates the creation of precise, production-ready structural designs across various devices to handle the different design phases, from conceptualization to the generation of manufacturing information.


Elevate your design capabilities with our 3D model creator

Quickly transition from design to manufacturing using automated cut lists

Easily craft structure members using various sketch entities, model edges, or curves

Enhance structure designs by incorporating cutouts into structure members



Who can Benefit from 3D Structure Creator?

3D Structure Creator has everything you need to help you, your team and your design make the cut and get products to market faster.

Ideal for CAD Designers, CAD Managers, Mechanical Engineers, Design Engineers, Civil Engineers, Civil Designers, and more. needing on-the-go weldment structure design.

Standout Features of 3D Structure Creator


  • Generate structural elements following model edges, 2D sketch elements, or curves in any preferred sequence.
  • Adjust member properties flexibly and at any stage of the design process.
  • Trim members precisely at endpoints and corners as required.
  • Sketch on diverse faces or planes to establish a framework's skeletal structure.
  • Enhance structural designs by incorporating conventional CAD features for added detail.
  • Automatically create a cutlist based on the design components.


Mastering 3D Structure Creation

Embark on a journey of creativity and precision with our innovative 3D Structure Creator Role. This cutting-edge solution empowers you to bring your ideas to life through feature-based frame design features. Ensuring a seamless transition from conceptual design to the generation of manufacturing information.

In addition enhance productivity through advanced 3D structure design capabilities, and seamlessly access collaboration and data management features within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform cloud environment.

3D Structure Creation is part of the SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

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